Open and Shut


Long Island City

Sage General Store is installing a bar and will close  until the end of June when it will reopen with a full liquor license and new dinner menu. Owner Leslie Nilsson will also be opening a macaroon bar down the street by the end of August. Sunnyside pub owner, Pat Burke, plans on opening his fourth bar on Vernon Blvd by the end of August. His newest pub, Woodbine’s – named after the cigarettes his grandfather smoked in Ireland – will pour 16 craft beers and serve high-end pub food.


Katch Bar & Grill opened at 3119 Newtown Ave with 50 beers on tap and more than 50 TVs. The beer garden will open soon.


Jack’s Ale House reopened last Saturday at 39-46 Skillman Avenue with festivities that were chased indoors by the storm. The pub, owned by three firefighter brokers, closed two years ago for renovations.


The Nevada Diner opened at 80-26 Queens Boulevard and offer free delivery of its gourmet dinners and baked-on-premises desserts.

The Rockaways

With Memorial Day just over and summer just beginning, Eater did a wrap up of the restaurants open near the now-open Rockaway beach: Rockaway Taco is open and now serving breakfast. Ripper’s on Beach 86 will be open. Caracas Arepas Bar served from a pop-up location at Beach 97th Street and Rockaway freeway and will post updates to their instagram account.


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  • Sage General Store is not actually closed. I have been there a few times since Memorial Day weekend, and they are open for business. In fact, the article that this post references says it only closed for Memorial Day weekend:
    “Nilsson will be tackling her Sage General makeover first. She said that she will be closing the café down over the Memorial Day weekend to install a bar. She said that she expects to have her full liquor license by the end of June—and to have introduced a new dinner menu.”

  • You missed the closing of the Wendy’s in Elmhurst on Queens Boulevard! :(
    Location of McDowell’s in the Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America.