Somebody Please Buy the First German Sport Club and Make it a Bar!

Why has no one bought the First German Sport Club at 60-60 Metropolitan Avenue? Even if there aren’t a too many hipsters in the immediate area, the retro facade is so cool that we can see bearded types from Bushwick and broader Ridgewood making the trip. Or could the club’s mobster history be holding it back? In 2005, the Queens District Attorney brought charges against 17 members of the Genovese and Bonano crime families for running numbers out of this and two other locations. That didn’t stop the current owner from picking it up for $350,000 back in 2009. The current broker is Queens Central Realty at 718-417-0700. GMAP

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  • Brownstoner, I’m so happy you have a Queens blog. I was a huge fan of your original blog despite being a tried-and-true Queens man. Welcome, and thanks. Queens needs you and Montrose Morris.

    But I have one bone to pick – PLEASE try to omit the word “hipster” from your posts. It’s trite and meaningless. This is too good a blog to taint it with that nonsense.

    Or, if that’s too difficult a request, then just define the term on your home page. It’s an empty term that means something different to every clown who uses it. So if you can’t resist, at least have an actual definition so we know what fake group of people we’re talking about.

    someone who will never be confused with a “hipster,” whatever the fuck that means.

  • If you’re going to write about Queens, please get the neighborhoods right. This is in Ridgewood, not Maspeth. And yes, there are a lot of hipsters in the area.

  • Even we know there are a lot of hipsters in Ridgewood but you are absolutely right, we were off on our borders–but only by a few blocks :) It’s not like we called it Astoria! Anyway, at least we’ve figured out the magic formula to get Queens readers to comment–just start making some well placed errors! Thanks for taking the time to write it.

    • Neighborhood borders are meaningless as neighborhoods bleed into one another anyway.
      Might be Maspeth to some or Ridgewood to others. In any case, what are the “true” borders to Maspeth and Ridgewood when it comes to walking down Metropolitan Avenue? I like to know where I am if I am out and about.