C-Town Under Construction in Woodside

Woodside is getting a C-Town Supermarket. The supermarket chain is currently under construction at 39-07 65 Place, off of Roosevelt Avenue. The DOB issued permits for a storefront renovation last month, but it doesn’t look like this location is on the brink of a grand opening. Another C-Town is also under construction a little further west, on Greenpoint Avenue in Sunnyside. That one’s scheduled to open its doors at the end of the summer. GMAP

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  • Snore. Can’t we do better than C-Town around here? Seems to me there are plenty of people who would be willing to pay a little more for better food quality and selection.

  • I agree, Ken. We have a C Town in Forest Hills and it is not a great store at all. While we do have some better food stores in Forest Hills (Natural and Trader Joe’s), the store that I would love to see open in Forest Hills is Whole Foods. While Whole Foods keeps opening new stores in Manhattan, they have yet to open their first store in Queens. I’d bet that Whole Foods is thinking about expanding into Queens. The question is, which neighborhood would Whole Foods most likely choose for their first store in Queens?

  • What I don’t get about C-Town opening in that location is that there are already 2 other comparable supermarkets within a 5 block stretch from about 65th street to 61st/60th street. The champion supermarket and fresh n save. Why does the neighborhood need another market like those two?
    There is also the big organic market on 61st open 24/7 as well as Veggie Monster, also on 61st, which I like to think of as a mini Whole Foods. It’s a really nice market for organic stuffs.

  • I’m glad another supermarket is opening up closer to me. I rarely buy from the other 2 supermarkets and definitely never buy meat from them. They might have renovated the food dynasty but they still have rats! I wish supermarkets could be graded like restaurants. I hope C-Town carries better produce. Can’t wait.

    • Ewww, really? Rats at food dynasty? And, you know what, you’re right. The meat and poultry that they sell at both champion and what used to be food dynasty never look good. Those two grocery stores are just very convenient to people getting off the train or bus after a day at work. My family usually gets meat and poultry at the Stop n Shop either nearby Northern Blvd or the one on Grand Ave in Maspeth. Both are nice and big and well stocked as well as open 24/7. Anyway, so now I have new hopes for C-Town.

      • Yes, sometimes I smell rat urine. I once saw rat feces in the lettuce bin last year. My daughter was still a toddler when she had some bad diarrhea right when I was paying and the cashier let me use their restroom. It was nasty. We had to go through the butcher area, which didn’t look sanitary, go down some steep stairs, and right before I went into the restroom that looks like it belongs in a gas station, I saw how dirty it was where they keep and bring in the produce.

        I used to go to the Pathmark in Long Island City. A bit better than the food dynasty but when I went at night they had some ghetto cashiers, more so than back in the Bronx. LOL. I mostly buy meat from BJ’s though or Target.

  • Yay, more mediocre grocery stores to match all the drug store chains and retail banking outlets! If this is your idea of excitement, then by all means move out here. Otherwise, just walk away.

  • Are you hiring? I live up the block in 65street and I am interested in a position. Please get back to me

  • Thank You