Closing Bell: Gandolfini Was a Migrant Renter

GadolfiniActor James Gandolfini, who passed away on Wednesday, was known for his Jersey roots and apartment in Tribeca. But back in 1988, the 26-year-old “Jim” was a transient aspiring actor, one who “never had his name on a lease, never paid more than $400 a month in rent and never lived in one place more than 10 months,” according to an old Times article. Some of his old neighborhoods included Hoboken, Astoria, the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Park Slope and Flatbush. “Moving to me, is no big deal,” he told the Times. “I have a system down. I throw everything in plastic garbage bags and can be situated in my new place in minutes. Without my name on a lease, I’m in and out. I have no responsibilities.”

Photo: gdcgraphics / Flickr