Closing Bell: What Will Happen to Elmhurst’s Old Wendy’s?

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The future of a property that was formerly a Wendy’s in Elmhurst is uncertain after the city denied a redevelopment proposal, the Queens Chronicle reported. Applicant Chang Hwa Tan had submitted a plan to the Department of Buildings that would turn the site, at 85-07 Queens Boulevard, into a seven-story mixed-use building. But the Department of Buildings denied the request, although the developer can resubmit the proposal with alterations. The lot is over an ancient freshwater stream that could have been used by humans hundreds of years ago. GMAP

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  • That’s so cool that it’s over an ancient fresh water stream. That also explains why when I peaked through the boards put up around another similar lot, a few blocks down on Queens Boulevard, that I saw crystal clear water streaming atop the light grey gravel that was left of what used to be there. It was so pretty in the sunlight.

    Anyway, that’s interesting that a developer wants to put a mix use development on the site. Not sure how I feel about it but over the past few years there has been an increase in development in the immediate surrounding area. I was surprised to see that there was a Starbucks right on Broadway near the corner at the Boulevard, wedged in between two bubble tea places. Elmhurst sure is looking different and also the same at the same time. At least the development seems to suit the neighborhood.

  • Also, those two pictures aren’t of the Wendy’s at all.