Community Board 2 Votes Against 5Pointz Redevelopment Plan


Community Board 2 voted on Thursday against the plan to redevelopment 5Pointz and create two market rate towers with 1,000 apartment units. DNAinfo reported that the board sought more public benefits from developer David Witkoff, which could include improved public space and parking, transit investments or an affordable housing component. The board’s vote is non-binding, and will be followed by another recommendation from the Queens borough president and decisive votes from City Planning and the City Council later this year. Wolkoff is allowed to demolish 5Pointz, the haven for graffiti artists, as-of-right, but he is seeking a special permit to build higher than the existing zoning.

Photo: Mysuspira / Flickr

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  • I don’t to start a war here, but I feel really bad for Wolkoff. This guy has owned the property for decades and let it be used and created into 5 Pointz and asked for nothing in return. All he is doing now is what he is legally allowed to do and he is getting nothing but negativitiy from everyone that took advantage of his good gestures for all these years. If he were mean-spirited, he would demolish it and leave it a pile of rubble just on spite. However, he is trying to give back while still maximizing his ability to profit (this is American, right?) and he is made out to be the next coming of Trump.

    • Dear Mr. Joe…. Sometimes things grow beyond the person who owns it & it becomes the property of all. In this case 5 Pointz has grown into something that is cherished by many people not only in the community but through out the world………. that building was a place where the youth of NY gathered since what the early 90’s? I have not frequented it since but as a teen it was a place where we all congregated & stayed out of trouble. It is one of the last staples of my generating left in NYC… It is more than just property it is a life style & a culture that radiates thought the world…….. LIC owes its development to the people who for around 20 year or more invested their lives to the Fun Factory/ 5 pointz. sometimes things are worth more then the money that could be made………. This institution or culture & art if nourished properly will live far beyond us & will give future generations of kids the guidance & hope it did for my generation. More money is not always the answer and in this case is very much an evil! if we keep stamping out what Makes NYC, NYC then all you will have left is a city that is unique less & a carbon copy of everywhere else that the past has been stamped out of.

  • Not only that it to me is a beautiful living structure………… she has a life & deserves for people to fight for her! do not let the charm & beauty of that hood be destroyed & replaced with Cold lifeless structures of greed!

    • I agree that it is a wonderful cultural institution and one that will be sorely missed, including by me. It is a place I do visit and pass on a daily basis and a place that defines Long Island City. However, it would have never come to be without the generosity of David Wolkoff and his family. Unfortunately, as they say, “All good things must come to an end.”

      • why must it end, so you are one of those that takes what they are given :( that is sad.

        • you one of those that take what is not yours! if I go crash on your sofa for a week is it my place? where does your sense of entitlement to other’s STUFF come from?

          • Ughhhh – nice BTW… not really. These people pay to live & be there first of all ………… these people were there when no one wanted to be in that vicinity … I remember it all to well. so now the people who have been there want to fight for their home that they pay for & you are telling me it isn’t theirs? seriously you have no clue about what you speak ok. if long island city was the shit hope it was 23 years ago none of this would even be an issues…………. the landlord knew back then that if he did not do what he did his building would have been useless due to the fact that it would have been stripped down to nothing for its copper piping & what not. back then no one really saw a re developed NYC! what happened in place was something that no one ever thought would happen a cultural revolution… so now its fuck you & thank you for all you have done for the building & neighborhood but who cares I can make more money then I already have? Ugg actually that name suites you perfectly………….. are you a born & raised NYker form the 5 Boroughs? do you even like art & culture? do you like kids? I ask these things cause the children of NYC need a place like 5 pointz I know I did when I was a teenager.