Slow Going at Elmhurst Condo With Close-up Views of the 7 Train

Elmhurst’s Bravo Condominium, at 40-07 73rd Street off Roosevelt Avenue, is looking mighty lonely. Signage out front says the building holds seven one-bedroom units, twenty-one two-bedrooms, and three three-bedrooms. Listings, however, are nowhere to be found online — a Re/Max broker told us over the phone that units are being listed exclusively. He said that 11 apartments are available, although no sales of the other 45 are reflected on public records. He also reported that no one’s moved in yet. We dug up this thread from last summer where one commenter said this: “That so-called luxury condo, “Bravo,” is as silly a construction as I’ve ever seen. Residents could literally reach out and touch the elevated subway if the windows opened….Seriously, the 7 train is no more than 15 feet away from the apartment windows. There don’t look to be any physical amenities in the way of gardens, greenery or even potted plants. I can’t imagine these things selling, even at deep, deep, deep discounts. And the condo market seems to be just fine in the area.” Anyone know what’s really going on here? GMAP

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  • It looks well constructed, however I imagine that they are asking way too much for that location, as it is located right off the elevated and the streets around there aren’t exactly the trendiest or cleanest.

  • I’ve been curious about what is going on with this building as well. It has been sitting empty for so long now. Although the location does not appeal to me, I do think it would appeal to some people that desire a short walk to a major transit hub. You can see one of the 5 subway lines from some of the apartments! Also, I noticed when walking by a while back that it was being marketed as being in Woodside, which it is not. It’s on the wrong side of the BQE. It is in Elmhurst as stated above, on the border of Jackson Heights.

    The ground level retail space is well situated and I would think it would be leased quickly if priced fairly.

    • Not the first time a real estate broker has been liberal with a neighborhood boundary, Matt!

      • I realize that, BK Kid. In this case the boundary is so clear with the BQE and train tracks running between Elmhurst and Woodside, it would be hard to convince anyone familiar with the area that it is in Woodside. Also, I’m not sure what the incentive would be for the broker. Is Woodside more desirable? This building is very odd.

        • I agree that many brokers like to mess up the neighborhood to their advantage. I thought this place was in Elmhurst too. However, after i type the address 40-07 73rd street, it shows zip code 11377 and woodside. It’s a clear cut that the broker of this article stretched a little bit.

          When I was living around 44th st and 47th ave. Practically, I was less than one block to the Sunnyside library and to the Sunnyside post office and take the subway station with Sunnyside arch. However, the address falls into zip code 11377 (woodside). And my packages had to be picked up from Woodside post office(near 61st ave). The zip code 11377 covers so much area (see it yourself by typing 11377 in google map)

          • Typo:

            ” It’s a clear cut that the broker of this article stretched a little bit”

            Should be “It’s not a clear cut that …”

  • I think it’s funny that whenever I walk by there and look up, there’s a little space of sky in between the building and the actual train tracks. The train is just way too close for me and I’m guessing a lot of other people. But I agree that the retail space on the bottom floor could do very well.

    Just want to bring to your attention, there is this huge and empty apartment building on Queens Boulevard and I believe 61st Street in Woodside. It’s new-ish like this place and also like this place goes unoccupied.
    Does anyone know anything about it? It’s been up for probably more than two years now and has been quite unsuccessful in luring buyers.