Chicken Wings Coming to Forest Hills Theater


Buffalo Wild Wings, the restaurant chain, will open a big new location in the former Forest Hills Theatre on July 15, DNAinfo reported. The restaurant, at 107-16 71st Avenue, will be 10,000 square feet and two stories, larger than the typical location. There will be 72 televisions and 100 pieces of memorabilia inside the restaurant. The building also houses a Duane Reade. GMAP

Photo: Edge of the City

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  • Oy, vey. The food there is terrible. Generic suburban sports bar/eatery for the masses.

  • Please save any original architectural details that might be in there!

  • Take that ugly sign down right now!!! What a shame! Why can’t these chain restaurants just beat it and leave FH alone? So frustrating!

  • This chain sucks. At the two locations I have gone to you can even get a burger to order. They just reheat pre cooked food. Not to mention many of the restaurants have a no firearms policy, that means even if you have a Permit they don’t want your concealed firearm in the resturant!