Development That Scarano “Is In No Way Affiliated With” Topped Out on Pearson

The 14-story development at 45-46 Pearson Pearson Street in Long Island City formerly known as Tower 56 and now known as Pearson Court Square has had a long and troubled life, starting with being designed by Robert Scarano back in 2005 and subsequently being foreclosed upon by its lender L + M Development last year. L + M is not just a lender, though, it’s a very experienced developer so things are moving quickly again at the 197-unit project. As the developer’s website points out, the 172,000-square-foot market-rate rental will feature a yoga studio, fitness center and laundry room. Long-time development junkies will also get a kick out of this DOB application in which the new architect, SLCE Architects, take pains to distance themselves from the disgraced architect: “The previous applicant of record, Robert M. Scarano, is in no way affiliated with this project.” Ouch. To see what this place will look like when done, click through below to see a rendering. GMAP


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  • Thats real funny cause they actually used his application to vest their 421a application for the project and that sounds like using to me. I wonder if he was compensated for that? A much less ambitious plan and more mondane design.