Ridgewood Reservoir Lacks Cash

ridgewood res

New designs that would turn Ridgewood Reservoir into a park are being hampered by a lack of funding, the Daily News reported. Proposals to adding boating, rock climbing and turf fields to the area would require millions of dollars, and the Parks Department also needs $18,000,000 to clean up pathways and decommission a nearby dam. Any changes are also uncertain as the mayoral election looms. “I wouldn’t … expect that they will remember this after the next election,” activist Rob Jett told the Daily News. “The community has to continue to put pressure on the Parks Department to keep it a natural area.”

Photo: L. Nolan

One Comment

  • I heard about the lack of funding – a big disappointment however, the construction currently happening is almost complete (running/walking paths and lighting installation). It looks beautiful and people are already in the park with bikes and on foot. Not sure if that’s prohibited but no one seems to mind.