Closing Bell: Mumford & Sons at the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium


All day, Edge of the City has posted fantastic photos of the sold-out Mumford & Sons concert last night at the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium. This was the first show for the venue since the 1980s. Back in the day, the stadium saw the likes of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Frank Sinatra. Last night looked like an awesome comeback. Did any readers attend the show?

Mumford Concert Pics [Edge of the City]

Photo by Edge of the City

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  • My husband and I attended last night and the show was truly amazing. The venue was absolutely packed and created this unbelievable energy during the show. We’ve heard since that there were some major problems with people not being able to get into the show who had tickets. We were there about an hour after the gates opened and didn’t experience any issues with seats. Our only complaints were that getting food and booze took forever and that to leave, all 17,000 people were routed out of one exit. It took about 30 minutes just to exit the venue. Seemed like somewhat normal growing pains given the venue hasn’t been used for a concert since the 80’s. The small headaches aside, it really an incredible show by Mumford & Sons.

  • I attended and it was a great concert and a great night for Forest Hills, all of Queens and all of NYC. As a Forest Hills resident, I think I speak for many of my neighbors in saying how happy we are that the West Side Tennis Club has decided to try to preserve the stadium instead of tearing it down (as was proposed by the tennis club a couple of years ago). With the stadium having such an important place in the history of both tennis and music, it is great to see that the West Side Tennis club saw the great benefits that will result from preserving the stadium for future generations.
    I’ve also read some of the complaints about over-crowding and people who were supposedly not able to enter the stadium. Any time before 8:00pm when Mumford and Sons went on, there was stil plenty of room in the stadium for people to enter. It seems that the only people who might have had a problem getting in were people who arrived after Mumford and Sons had already started performing. While people should have been able to get into the stadium no matter what time they arrived, I don’t think it is too realistic to expect to have an easy time getting into a general admission show after the headliners have started performing. But this was the first concert at the stadium in 16 years, so it is very likely that the WSTC and the concert promoter will learn from any issues that occurred and try to avoid these same issues at future concerts.