A History of Weird Facades at 45-12 11th Street


We spotted this under-construction Passive House at 45-12 11th Street, between 45th Road and 45th Avenue in Long Island City. A Passive Home is essentially an air-tight structure that requires little energy for space heating or cooling. All Dimension Construction is working on this project, which is a renovation of an existing two-family home. Before the reno, the home had a totally bizarre facade in a row of otherwise intact, contiguous townhouses. Now, it’ll stick out even more with its tiled blue, gray, and white facade. See a full history of this house’s many weird faces after the jump. GMAP

This PropertyShark photo was taken back in 2007. Half brick, half stucco? And what’s up with those windows?

A more recent photo from Google Maps. Half brick, half tile.
Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.52.36 PM

Finally, a close up view of the tile currently going in. At least the correct window configuration has been restored.

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  • These always look like they found a bunch of tile on sale and just made up some pattern with them. The neighbors must be fine with them building over the property line on top of their cornice, what an eyesore. I wonder what they did with the original door? probably in some landfill somewhere.

  • I bid on this house when it was being sold by a family that did not take care of it. It was partially gutted house with people living in it. It was crazy. The windows and weird previous facade must have been “cheap and quick” fixes for issues they had.

    Still upset I lost the bid – as its on the park (currently the park looks like its under renovation) and knew this would be a gem. Not sure I’m all for the new facade but given that LIC is trying to brand itself as an artist destination, as well as differentiating the house as a “passive house” it may work in the sellers favor. They bought the house back in 2008 I believe and have sat on it since.

    ColombianBeefBK: I dont believe the original door was there when they purchased. I remember admiring the neighbors doors/iron work.