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  • I have been to an open house at this building. The floors are a cheap engineered “wood”.
    The details were shodddy. It has recently had it’s grand opening and already there were water stains on the floors from a leak. The appliances were cheap as were the finishing materials. The paint job on windows and trim was sloppy.
    The spaces are huge, but everything felt cheap.

  • kitchen looks dated to me.

  • Can’t say it’s that surprising; this is another Pistilli building. They are not so much known for high quality.

    Te map they’re running in that ad is also a joke. The building is at least a 10-minute walk from the Ditmars stop on the N/Q, not around the corner as the ad suggests. That hardly seems like an accident. Even if Google was being weird and mis-reading the address (unlikely, since when I plug it into Maps myself, it shows up just fine) they could use the intersection instead.