Burger Joint for Austin Street


Edge of the City reports that a burger joint is moving into 72-06 Austin Street, the space previously occupied by the clothing store Diva. It’ll be called Twist & Smash’d and you can find them on Facebook and Twitter. Over the weekend the business set up shop in front of the future storefront for the Forest Hills Fall Festival. An Edge of the City commenter who attended said it looked like a “lower-key and less expensive alternative to Bareburger.” Here’s the menu. It should open within the year.

New Burger Place Coming to Austin [Edge of the City]
Photo via Facebook

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  • While it’s nice to see more restaurants opening in Forest Hills, I’m a bit disappointed that we’re getting another burger joint. Currently, we have Bareburger and Cheeburger, not to mention the burgers being served at our local pubs, in addition to good old McDonalds 😉 I’d like to see a little more diversity in our food choices. How about an authentic middle eastern restaurant, something German or Eastern European, or an independent coffee house?

    • Well, if it makes you feel any better, you guys will also be getting Tazzina after its first two years in Glendale.
      I know FH has Italian places, especially on Metropolitan, but Tazzina is pretty awesome.
      I think there is also a German place on Metropolitan, as well as Wafa for Middle Eastern fare.
      Also, can’t have too many burger joints to choose from! :)

      • You’re right, there are some good restaurants on Metropolitan Ave! I should’ve been more specific, and indicated that I meant there is a need for more diverse choices on and around the main drag of Austin St.