Closing Bell: Poll Shows Community Support for the QueensWay


The Trust for Public Land sent out a poll regarding the QueensWay proposal, which found that a strong majority of respondents in surrounding neighborhoods want the project to move forward. The Daily News reports that 75 percent of respondents supported the plan to turn the elevated railway into a park, with 10 percent opposed. Some residents in Ozone Park and Rockaway want the rail line reactivated for actual transportation options, and Woodhaven residents with homes along the border of the site are strongly opposed to park development. It’s worth mentioning less than 100 residents responded the the poll, with many respondents not knowing about the QueensWay project at all. Currently the Friends of the Queensway is working on a feasibility study of building out the park.

New Poll Says QueensWay is a Hit With Local Residents [NY Daily News]

Photo by Friends of the Queensway

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  • I remember there being an abandoned gilded age style train station under the tracks at atlantic ave. in Ozone Park that should be restored if possible. It was fenced off 10 years ago so not sure if it’s still there but theres also the beautiful LIRR building next to it that would make for a great Gym/Community Center or a new transit hub if it’s reactivated as a train line. I used to explore the tracks as a kid and can attest that a lot of people have illegally extended their properties into the track area and I’m sure they don’t want any changes.

  • I love parks, but could it not be adapted instead for light rail?

  • QueensWay ‘closing bell’ is not accurate. There was a poll sampling of 500 Queens residents– not 100. There was overwhelming support for QueensWay. The sampling size is statistically viable–and represented a diverse demographic.