New Teen Section at the Queens Central Library in Jamaica


The Queens Central Library branch, at 89-11 Merrick Boulevard in Jamaica, just opened a brand new teen section. The 4,000-square-foot space features a video game lounge, a multimedia room featuring computers with editing software, a quiet room, two conference rooms and a study area. The area fits about 600 teenagers. There are three game consoles — PS3, Xbox and Nintendo Wii — and the library selected games with educational or fitness value. DNAinfo reports that this is part of a larger, $10,000,000 branch renovation which includes a cafe, new computer center and an expanded media center. Most of those renovations will wrap at the end of this year.

New Jamaica Library for Teens Goes Hi-Tech with Gaming Center [DNAinfo] GMAP

Photo via Queens Library

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  • $10 million renovation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the meantime the surrounding sidewalks around the library have garbage all over and the entire Downtown Jamaica area is one big mess of litter, garbage, illegal apartments and other quality of life issues and $10 million is spent on the library renovation after several million have already been spent on it in the past, so that obese kids can sit their fat butts in a library playing video games. Talk about not having priorities straight in a community that has major quality of life issues.