Burger Joint Gearing up to Open in Forest Hills


Forest Hills is getting a new burger joint in seven days! Edge of the City noticed the Twist and Smash’d awning up at 72-06 Austin Street — the photo above comes from the businesses’ Facebook page. Earlier this fall, Twist and Smash’d set up shop in front of the storefront for the Forest Hills Fall Festival. You can see the menu here.

New Burger Place Getting Ready [Edge of the City]
Burger Joint for Austin Street [Q’Stoner] GMAP

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  • If the food is good and the prices are reasonably low, then they may find success in FH. There is already a higher priced and mediocre burger place across the street from this location that is rather disappointing. Also nearby is McDonalds which is very popular, as well as family friendly Cheeburger. Hopefully Twist and Smashd will offer a tasty and affordable menu.

  • If the previous commenter is referring to Bareburger as the place across the street from Twist and Smash’d, it is far from mediocre. Bareburger is a great burger place that has many interesting options (beef, turkey, bison, ostrich, elk, mushroom, black bean) and uses only organic and natural ingredients for all of the food they sell. Yes, it is more pricey than the average burger place, but I think that the higher quality of the food is worth the price. Obviously, many other people in FH agree with me, as Bareburger just doubled the size of it’s FH location due to it’s success in the neighborhood.

    As for Twist and Smash’d, I’ll definitely give it a try. It will be interesting to see how the taste and quality of their food compares to Bareburger.

  • I agree that Bareburger in Forest Hills is mediocre at best. Burgers are small and overpriced, and on the dry side. Organic? That’s what they say the meat is but is it humanely raised? Grass fed and pastured? Freshly ground? I somehow doubt it, and resent the word organic being thrown around so haphazardly when the meaning can be so easily skewed and misinterpreted. The seating there is also uncomfortable, with industrial style non cushioned chairs. Yes they expanded, but the success of that expansion remains to be seen as more competition and hopefully better quality eateries continue to open in Forest Hills.

  • Joey, if you took the time to read about the meats and other ingredients used at Bareburger (which is on a card on every one of the tables there), you’d know that they make every effort to use organic, natural, grass-fed, free range, humanely raised, sustainable, local, chemical free and pesticide free meats, toppings, vegetables and sauces. Bareburger also builds the interior of their restaurants with recycled, reclaimed and sustainable materials. So they are not throwing around the word “organic” without saying what they mean.
    As for the expansion, restaurants don’t expand unless they are very successful. I also know that Bareburger has been very successful in Forest Hills because every time I have been there on a weekend day or night they have been packed. While you say you think their food is mediocre, there are obviously many people in Forest Hills that disagree with you. If there weren’t, Bareburger would not have become so successful and would not have recently doubled the size if their FH location.