Closing Bell: Jerry Wolkoff Responds, and a Candlelight Vigil for 5Pointz Tonight


Today undoubtably belonged to 5Pointz, and all those invested in the building coming to terms with its end. This afternoon Jerry Wolkoff spoke to New York Magazine on his decision to paint the building: “I had tears in my eyes while I was doing it. I know it seems like a bitter pill to take, but it’s medicine. I didn’t like it, but it’s going to get me better. It’s best for them, and it’s best for me. In my new building I’ll have walls for them to express their aerosol art.” He thought painting over the artwork now would be better than dismantling the building with the artwork still on it. “All I did was the right thing,” he said in the interview.

Tonight the artists will hold a candlelight vigil at the painted-over warehouse. According to the Save 5Pointz Facebook: “Tonight we bring a candle to 5 pointz to show respect to Meres, to Pat, to Marie, to the artists that painted these walls, to the fans that supported them, and too all that truly loved 5 Pointz aka the Phun Factory. Tonight 5 pointz again becomes the ‘institute of higher burnin.'” The vigil will begin after sunset.

BREAKING: 5Pointz Warehouse Painted White by the Wolkoffs [Q’Stoner]

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  • If he really wanted to make a difference, I think he should have left up the art and auctioned off the dismantled “painted” bricks for charity and to give back to the neighborhood. That, or either give them back to the community and artists who helped make it what it is today. So sad. I would have purchased a brick in a heartbeat.

    • That would have been amazing. But instead, we get Wolkoff’s crocodile tears. Somehow, he’s managed to make an almost-unbelievable act of spite *even worse* after the fact. Monstrous.

  • Scrooge Mcduck