Five Napkin Burger Closed in Astoria This Week


Yesterday, Five Napkin Burger sent out an email first published by We Heart Astoria:

After three years, we have decided to close the 5 Napkin Burger in Astoria. It was a hard decision to make as we have enjoyed being part of the community, but we are eager now to focus on other growth opportunities for 5 Napkin Burger in New York City and beyond. On a positive note many of our valued team members will be joining us at one of our three Manhattan locations or at a sister Tour de France restaurant. We appreciate the enthusiasm of our guests, and want to thank you again for your support and we hope to see you soon in Manhattan.

The mini burger chain, located at 35-01 36th Street, officially closed as of Monday. It opened in that location in 2010.

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Photo via Yelp

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  • If 5 Napkin Burger is looking for other “growth opportunities” in NYC, they should consider opening a place in Forest Hills. Forest Hills could use another upscale burger place to join the upscale burger place we already have–Bareburger. Given how successful Bareburger has been in FH, 5 Napkin would probably also do very well in FH.

    • Are you kidding??? First of all, Bareburger is NOT an upscale restaurant! It is a very casual joint, with an interior similar to Chipotle. Next, the LAST thing Forest Hills needs is another burger joint! We already have way too many, including McDonalds, Cheeburger, as well all the bars and chain eateries that serve them as well. We’re over saturated with burgers here! What we could use is a quality diner, something along the lines of a Denny’s that is open 24 hours and is affordable.

      • I think it is you that must be kidding. Bareburger is definitely an upscale burger place. The interior design and the high quality of their ingredients (all natural and organic) are what makes Bareburger upscale.
        And I didn’t say that Forest Hills needs another burger joint. I said that Forest Hills could use another upscale burger place because FH only has one upscale burger place–Bareburger.
        Also, I would hardly call Denny’s a “quality diner”. Denny’s is a national chain with mediocre food. I agree that FH could use a quality diner, but a Denny’s would not give us that.

        • Bareburger is so not upscale! Anyone who’s ever dined in one knows that for a fact. I’m thinking that you must be comparing Bareburger to a fast food chain, and so that makes it more upscale in your opinion. But the truth is BB is part of a small chain of burger places that are casual dining at best. They are somewhat industrial in design, with uncomfortable seating that begs a patron to eat quickly and leave. The bottom line is Bareburger is simply a place for small burgers, fries, pickles and the like, no different than most fast food chains, except that you get waiter service. Not upscale in the least.

          • In my opinion, Bareburger is an upscale burger place. It is very different from “most fast food chains”. What other fast food chain uses only all-natural, organic, grass-fed, humanely raised, hormone-free and chemical-free ingredients? What other fast food chain offers the many options for burgers that Bareburger does, including beef, turkey, bison, ostrich, elk, wild boar, mushroom and black bean? What other fast food chain uses recycled, reclaimed and sustainable materials for their interiors? If you can name any fast food chain that does all of these things, I’d like to hear it.

            As for Bareburger supposedly having “uncomfortable seating”, nothing could be further from the truth. After their recent expansion, there is even more comfortable seating than before the expansion–as Bareburger added many more booths with nice cushy seating. So if you are referring to the fact that some tables have metal chairs, there are now many more booths available that are very comfortable.

  • Denny’s would rock Forest Hills! If they opened one one it would be the only contender to beat out Friday’s for busiest and most successful restaurant on Austin St. I don’t think in all my years of living here I’ve ever seen a restaurant do as well as Friday’s has, the wait to get in, especially on the weekends is always very long.

    As to the upscale comments above, Forest Hills doesn’t have any fancy, reservations only, dress to impress restaurants, at least not on or around the main drag of Austin St. There is no upscale dining to be found here whatsoever.

  • Forest Hills, as in Austin st. And Continental Ave. area was not, is not, nor will probably ever be upscale by any stretch of the definition. The person who claimed that BB was upscale either has very low standards, or has some vested interest in it.

  • In my opinion, Bareburger is upscale. And there are several other restaurants and stores that have opened in Forest Hills in the last few years that I also think are upscale (including La Boulangerie, Station House and Mr. Vino’s Cucina).
    I don’t have any vested interest in Bareburger or any of the other places I just mentioned. Just because you don’t agree with me doesn’t mean you are right and I am wrong. It just means we have a difference of opinion.

  • Check out the sanitary violations that bareburger received this past May on the nyc dept. of health site feh!