A Look Inside Arunee Thai, Now Open in Jackson Heights


A Q’Stoner reader sent along photos of Arunee Thai, which opened last week in Jackson Heights. He tried the chicken pad thai and passed along good reviews. He also says that “this new space is much roomier. It was a tiny space at the other location. This space also seems more upscale (moodier lighting).” You can see a picture of the interior after the jump. The restaurant is now open at 78-23 37th Avenue; it relocated from a spot on 79th Street. Anyone else give Arunee Thai a try? Leave your reviews in the comments!

Arunee Thai Is Now Open in Jackson Heights [Q’Stoner] GMAP



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  • What a beautiful restaurant. I used to go there all the time when they were on 79th Street. My favorite dish is the simply named “pork leg,” which is a wintery braised pork stew.

  • Brought a date here last weekend and had such a great time! The food is very good and the atmosphere is very inviting- exactly what we needed in our neighborhood. My only criticism is the bar- seemed like they could use an experienced bar tender and a better wine, beer, and cocktail list. Jackson Heights desperately needs a cool neighborhood bar and this place should capitalize while they have the chance. I’ll go back again and would absolutely recommend it to friends.