Closing Bell: Jackson Heights-Corona BID Detractors Screening Gentrification Film


This Saturday, the Roosevelt Avenue Community Alliance, a group against the proposed Jackson Heights-Corona BID, will screen a documentary highlighting the impact of gentrification on small businesses in New York. DNAinfo reports that the film, The Vanishing City, takes a critical look at the many changes to businesses in New York as gentrification takes hold. The Roosevelt Avenue Community Alliance in particular is worried the BID will push out immigrant-owned businesses. Proponents of the BID support it in hopes that it will help make Roosevelt Avenue cleaner and safer. The film will run at Terraza 7, 40-19 Gleane Street, this Saturday at 5 pm. The directors will discuss the film after the screening.

Group Against Business Improvement Dist. Screening Anti-Gentrification Film [DNAinfo]

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  • Well we definitely need to keep sketchy prostitution and human trafficking right?

    Why can’t we clean it up and also be friendly to those businesses that bring real value to the community we hold so dear in JH. There has to be some balance that can be achieved to clean it up without destroying it’s diversity.

    • We can “clean it up and be friendly to those businesses that bring real value…” ! In fact, that’s the purpose and a goal of the Jackson Heights-Corona business improvement district. Check out this video if you want a small business owner’s perspective on it: