45-12 11th Street Facade Revealed

45-12 11th Street-facade

New York Shitty got this great shot of 45-12 11th Street, the Long Island City home that’s been under construction for quite some time now. The structure is actually a passive house, which is an air-tight building that requires little energy for space heating or cooling. All Dimension Construction worked on this project. The blue, gray, and white tiled facade is only the latest in a history of bizarre facades for this two-family home — check them all out here.

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  • We have either low-class third world crap or so-called yuppie pretentious crap. Either one destroys the esthetics of blocks and communities.

    I have never seen a city that just allows whatever. It is like they just gave up. But the bottom line is greed, corruption, and incompetency in this so-called “greatest city in the world”.

    • Perhaps you should consider moving.

      • Great point, Anonymous. I’ve been reading Brownstoner Queens since it started, and I’ve never seen Joe post one positive comment about Queens or New York City. Contrary to his latest comment, I think NYC is one of the greatest cities in the world. There are many, many great things about living in Queens and about living in NYC. I think the fact that Joe only sees the negative in all of his comments says a lot more about him than about our great city. I also don’t think moving will change anything for him–an unhappy person will be unhappy no matter where they live.