A Cricket Stadium for Queens?

Ruben WillsCouncil Member Ruben Wills introduced a bill this Tuesday to explore the feasibility of building a cricket stadium in Queens. The New York Post reports that Council Member Willis believes the stadium will give the borough an economic boost — “We have the largest and fastest-growing population of Indo-Caribbean and south Asian populations. Everywhere in the world cricket is the number two sport, only behind [soccer],” Wills stated. “We want to make sure we can introduce this into mainstream New York and we also want to look at the end game of creating a cricket stadium in New York.” The bill proposed a 10-member task force to study the impacts of the sport in New York City, as well as the potential use of park land for cricket fields. Currently there is only one cricket stadium in the country, in Lauderhill, Florida.

Queens Councilman Goes to Bat for Cricket [NY Post]

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  • If soccer, the number 1 sport in the world doesn’t make as much money as football or baseball in NY even though we have how many people from countries where soccer dominates, what makes them think that cricket will do even close to soccer. Why can’t they schedule games at the current stadiums when the fields aren’t in use? they sit unused for how many days out of the year. Why build fields specifically for cricket when this has been played in our Baseball fields already?I’ve seen games played all throughout the parks in South Queens before.

  • Can Jamaica Councilman Ruben Wills be a bigger a-hole and waste of tax payers dollars than he already is? I mean this so-called leader has done so little for the quality of life in Jamaica, which is in shambles, yet he waste time passing a bill to name a horrible stretch of road, South Road, to the Tuskegee Airmen Way, plays Willie the Hobo, to get a “feel” for what it is to be homeless and now he wants to create a task force to promote the sport “cricket”. WHAT! The United States is not even interested in the more popular Soccer, let alone Cricket. He states “We have the largest and fastest-growing population of Indo-Caribbean and south Asian populations.”. Yeah, so what, but it is such small percentage of the population here in New York.

    In the meantime, Jamaica, a community made up of mostly people of color, the same color skin as Wills, has been suffering for years and decades of mounds and mound of garbage, abandoned cars, garbage strewn vacant lots, abandoned homes, shady auto chop shops in residential districts, high crime, shootings, killings, do I need to go on. But he has done NOTHING to really address this issue, what about a task force for quality of life issues, not some ridiculous task force for cricket, are you out of your mind. Another huge waste of tax payers dollars.

    I cannot think of another community that has the worst, most useless and corrupt elected leaders than Jamaica Queens, well except Washington, DC.