Listing of the Day: 19-19 24th Avenue, #L111


Calling all loft dwellers! This rental comes from the Pistilli River View East co-op in Astoria, at 19-19 24th Avenue. It fits all the loft requirements: 18-foot ceilings, large factory windows and a lofted second floor. It’s a total of 2,333 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Take the location into account — directly across from Astoria Park — and you’ve got a pretty nice apartment indeed. The monthly rent of $3,300 seems very reasonable to us, do you agree?

50-37 61st Street [Spire Group] GMAP

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  • It’s REALLY far from the subway but for that price, it’s a good deal considering the size and layout, if that’s what you’re in to. Also, the fact that heat is included is a plus.

    • We used to live on 21st Drive over by the river and park. THere’s a bus that runs up Ditmars that is helpful if it shows up when you do.. Otherwise it is a little bit of a walk, not that bad though. The proximity to the park makes it worth it.

  • That rent is only reasonable if you are a millionaire, a trust fund baby or fit 10 young people in it to split the rent.

    Please stop the real estate BS.

    • I usually agree with what you say, but I will have to disagree and say a dual-income upper-middle class couple in NYC could easily afford this place. Especially if you don’t drive and/or have kids.

      • ………….and are pretty much not in debt as well…………………..and if you plan on staying to continue not having kids. But then if a dual income upper middle class couple could afford this, why would one not own, since owning is actually cheaper in NYC than renting.

        • $3300 for 2500 sqft is actually pretty good, and it’s a decent area of Astoria. Considering a 800 sqft 1 bed is around $1600 mo, it’s a decent deal for a somewhat large and unique space..