Listing of the Day: 22-37 77th Street


Here’s a cute one bedroom for rent in Astoria, located at 22-37 77th Street off Ditmars Boulevard. No square footage listed, but the living room looks well sized and the kitchen seems pretty run-of-the-mill for a one bedroom. Overall there’s nothing to hate but nothing to gush about, either. It’s asking $1,700 a month which seems to us a bit steep, given the distance from the subway and the main drag of the neighborhood. Do you agree?

22-37 77th Street [Pat Lydon Real Estate] GMAP

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  • Calling that Astoria is a major misdirection.

    • I’m always confused by this area. It seems to be determined by who you ask: Astoria, Astoria Heights, East Elmhurst???

    • thank god you beat me to it. i was going to say:
      “calling this astoria is like calling jersey city battery park”

  • Definitely not Astoria. That’s East Elmhurst. “Astoria Heights” is a realtor term used to trick people into thinking they’re renting/buy in Astoria, but it’s actually East Elmhurst. Astoria ends at Hazen Street (I’m actually not sure if Hazen itself is considered within Astoria or the first street outside of it). Anything in the 70’s is outside.

    • Grand Central parkway disconnects that area from the rest of East Elmhurst, so the confusion is understandable. It is more connected physically to Astoria.

      Parts of East Elmhurst are often referred to as Jackson Heights as well. I always think of Northern Blvd. as the dividing line between the two neighborhoods, but it depends who you ask.

      I’m also confused as to how East Elmhurst got it’s name as it is located North of Elmhurst.

  • In addition to it not being Astoria, it’s a backwater anyways, and $1700 for a one bedroom seems optimistic at best.