Participatory Budgeting Is Coming to Queens


Three Queens City Councilmen are participating in Participatory Budgeting this spring: Mark Weprin, Donovan Richards and Eric Ulrich representing Districts 23, 31 and 32. Residents of those districts already proposed projects to be included in the budget and voting will happen from March 29th to April 6th. Keep track of the voting dates and locations at the Participatory Budgeting website. According to the Daily News, “Projects range from new fitness equipment at an Oakland Gardens park to a Rockaway boathouse.” Last year, 4,500 Queens residents voted on participatory budget projects; in District 32 residents funded renovations to a dog park and outdoor space at the Broad Channel Community Library.

Three Queens Pols Allow Residents to Decide how Millions are Spent [NY Daily News]

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  • I have three major concerns about participatory budgeting…

    1. A small well-organized, wealthy group of individuals can get projects funded with a small number of votes. Less organized but more needy groups are left out.

    2. city council person should know better which worthy projects are worth funding

    3. who is responsible if project turns out to be poorly conceived etc