Closing Bell: A New Marketing Campaign for Long Island City


Check out the MTA’s new marketing campaign to promote Long Island City while the 7 train is down on weekends. According to LIC Post, “The MTA is about to put the public service announcements up at every No. 7 train station and on each No. 7 train… It will also be putting the posters up at a number of other stations and on a variety of different train lines.” The posters have not gone up yet but the advertisement is now on the MTA website. The MTA also agreed to keep the 7 train running during the week of May 17th and 18th, due to all these awesome events. The weekend train shutdown will last until July 21st.

MTA Unveils Long Island City Marketing Material [LIC Post]

One Comment

  • This campaign is a joke and waste of time and money. “Under the Radar”, “Best Kept Secret”, it was not under the radar when I lived there 18 years ago, it certainly is not under the radar or a “best kept secret”, especially with this site constantly going on about LIC every other minute.

    Just another over developed and extremely overpriced neighborhood that the majority of hard working stiffs cannot afford.

    Give me a break.