More than 5,000 Visitors Flocked to See the Inside of New York State Pavilion Today


The anticipation was tremendous. Exactly 50 years ago today, the 1964 World’s Fair kicked off with an inauguration featuring a speech by President Lyndon B. Johnson. To commemorate this historic event today, NYC Parks opened the New York State Pavilion for three hours this afternoon. More than 5,000 spectators waited in line to see this remnant and take photos of the interior portion, where the Tent of Tomorrow once stood.


People started gathering around the NYS Pavilion as soon as the sun came up. The line stretched around the beloved structure.


By 11 am, patient and excited people were standing on the Grand Central Parkway’s overpass.


By 11:30 am, the queue went past the Queens Zoo and into its parking lot.


Those who waited got to see the inside of a structure once hosted Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones concerts.


Diana Ross and Michael Jackson danced around this mezzanine while filming The Wiz.


Borough President Melinda Katz wants to restore the NYS Pavilion, even though it would cost an estimated $75 million. What’s your opinion?

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  • see a 360° panorama of the new york state pavilion tent of tomorrow interior before the map was covered up here –

  • Yes! Restore it! Would the city flinch at spending that kind of money to restore a Manhattan landmark?

  • My opinion is that the often quoted $73M is way over inflated. Keep in mind that just a few years ago they built an NFL size ice skating rink with an Olympic sized pool on top, also supported under a cable roof, in Flushing Meadow Corona Park, from scratch for $66M

  • I’d say that if that many people lined up to go inside of an unrestored New York State Pavilion, that $75M would be worth it. Restore the Tent of Tomorrow and Mezzanine to use as a concert and exhibit venue. Charge $2 a head to get in and Queens will make it’s money back in a couple of years. Restore the towers and get a new set of functioning elevators installed and I guarantee that people will pay $5 a head to go up. This is an architectural treasure, a sentimental treasure and a Queens landmark. give it the respect it deserves!

  • Definitely restore! It’s not just a Queens landmark – it has taken its place in pop culture. $75 million seems high for a simple restoration but it will be worth it.

  • Everybody who went to the 1964 World’s Fair loved it. They all have great memories. The NYS Pavilion is a gem. We need to preserve it and all those positive memories.

  • We have to restore this gem for the benefit of generations to come!