Closing Bell: Will the New York State Pavilion Get Lights?


It looks like the New York State Pavilion, the 1964 World’s Fair landmark that’s decaying away, is in for a brighter future. A Crain’s reporter chatted with Borough President Melinda Katz, who has spoken against demolishing the structures. And according to Crain’s, Katz “found about $1 million in her borough budget to upgrade the electrical systems in the pavilion so it can light up the night’s skyline from Flushing Meadows Corona Park as brightly as the steel Unisphere globe now does.” She believes that once the towers are lit up, there will be more momentum to restore the pavilion. (A restoration, with no public access, is estimated to cost around $40,000,000.) There are no details on when this would actually happen, but we’d sure like to see the plan become a reality.

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Photo via People for the Pavilion