Closing Bell: Phew, There Won’t Be a Long Island Railroad Strike


Today, the unions and the MTA reached an agreement over the Long Island Railroad and averted a looming strike, meaning that Queens will not face LIRR-related transportation headaches next week. Governor Andrew Cuomo relayed the news in a press conference, reported by DNAinfo: “It’s my pleasure to announce today that we have settled a four-year dispute dealing with these Long Island Rail Road labor unions and an agreement with the LIRR and the MTA,” he stated.

The exact details of the deal reached are not clear, but the six-and-a-half year contract does include a 17 percent wage increase and first time healthcare contributions. LIRR fares will not be raised. If a strike occurred, 300,000 daily commuters would have been left stranded starting Sunday. The MTA’s contingency plan included limited transportation via bus, ferries and park-and-ride lots to various points in Queens.

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