Listing of the Day: 34-32 86th Street

34-32 86th street

We picked up this listing from Jackson Heights Life, where a commenter declared the ask of $1,495,000 “an INSANE price.” It’s a semi-detached one family — the home on the market is pictured at right. There are five bedrooms, three bathrooms and no interior pictures, which is certainly a risky move with an asking price this high. As the JH commenter says, “I know a lot of the houses between 35th and 34th Avenues in the 80’s are pretty big – but it’s a semi-detached, shared drive, tiny yard, regular lot – I can’t see this price. I’ve seen other semi-attached and fully attached listed for sale in recent months, all nice and big, but all under a million (usually in the 750-950 range, but who knows what they closed for).” We agree, especially assuming that the interior is going to need some work. Jackson Heights residents, what say you?

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  • I say that the brownstoner vampire tries to direct some traffic from JHL to here. Because what good a discussion is if you cannot get some money out of it? Especially if it has to do with overpriced real estate..

  • Brownstoner, I would like you to teach me things about my neighborhood and, like, maybe, occasionally enhance my joy in living here. I get that you have a listing of the day, and this is it, but generally, it would be nice if the JH content had a bit more interest, vigor…something. I was pleased that Brownstoner was coming to Queens and have visited regularly. I think I’ve gotta quit this site, though. It’s totally lifeless.

    • I’m very sorry to hear that, Anon. Queens is a huge borough, and it’s certainly a task to cover it all. If you ever spot something in your neighborhood you’d like more information or more coverage on, feel free to hit me up at

  • It seems that the resident you quoted said all that needs to be said.

    And whiny comments notwithstanding, this is an excellent site and does my borough proud.

  • Having first read the thread on JH Life, I’m glad to see the discussion there sparked some interest from BrownstownerQNS. I only want to add that this particular block of 86th St in JH includes some of the best-maintained properties in all of NYC. You’d more expect to see it in Forest Hills Gardens, if not the Upper East Side (west of Park Ave, south of 96)–in short: easily worth the list price, regardless of interior or what it sells for in the end.

  • Very interesting listing. Unfortunately my experience with this particular agent has been very negative. Her MO is to post houses with little or no pictures and high prices. I would have a strong suspicion that there is something off about this listing. If the owner of this residence were a long time JH resident, with a beautiful semi-detached on 86th this is not the agent they would use.