Closing Bell: Where to Eat in Ridgewood


Over the weekend, Grub Street celebrated the harmony between old and new when it comes to eating in Ridgewood. Despite the artist spillover from Bushwick and new hip arrivals like Bunker (Vietnamese) and Houdini’s Kitchen Labratory (wood-fired pizza), the neighborhood also boasts old-time establishments still dishing out excellent food. The food blog compiled a list of both old and new spots — 17 in total — to check out. They include Catania Bakery, where you should try the cannoli cream, the new American restaurant Ltauha, popular bakery/cafe Norma’s, the 90-year-old taproom and banquet hall Gottscheer Hall (pictured), and Rosa’s Pizza & Pasta, known for its Sicilian and Grandma pies.

Exploring the Convergence of New York’s Culinary Past and Present in Ridgewood [Grub Street]

Photo via Gottscheer Hall

One Comment

  • “new hip arrivals like Bunker”

    Stop it. I’ve been to Bunker. What makes it “hip?”

    It’s a solid, authentic (despite its owners not being Vietnamese), hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese restaurant. Again, what makes it hip? Because corny white people with beards eat there too?

    Queens was full of places just like it before lazy writers began labeling every white transplant a “hipster.”

    It’s summer; I’m bored. I need to know. Perhaps you can be the first to enlighten me about the definition, or you can be the first to admit it’s a stupid, vacuous term that you used because other people like to use it too – monkey hear; monkey write.