Closing Bell: An Ode to the Ridgewood Theatre


Here’s a lovely ode by NY City Lens to the Ridgewood Theatre, which will be converted to a residential development. The theater stopped running in 2008 and has remained empty ever since. The article captures a brief summer moment in the theater’s life:

With its entrance boarded up, a single plywood panel remains ajar to let some air into the stillness of the excavated theatre. Inside, everything is bathed in shadow, as elusive as the future of the once grand space, now on the market for conversion into a residential building. Everything has been torn down and a dim light bulb hangs in the spot where a chandelier once lit the Greek revivalist theatre golden. A lone figure shuffles within the shadows, almost as if it were a ghost, though the quite human figure reappears in the circular shaft of green light to lay a wire and affirm, perhaps, that time is not stationary.

A group of teenagers walk past the shuttered theatre, slowing their footsteps to peer inside. They do not stop or talk about what they see.

Late Summer Scene: An Historic Theater’s Final Days in Ridgewood [NY City Lens]

Photo by Michael Perlman