Plans Submitted for 11 New Manufacturing Buildings Around the Steinway Mansion


This is bizarre: We Heart Astoria spotted DOB paperwork for two-story manufacturing warehouses proposed for 11 different addresses in Astoria. You can see 10 of the locations pictured above in white dots — all the locations fall on the perimeter of the Steinway Mansion. The buildings are all 30 feet high and range from 1,662 to 2,585 square feet. DOB documents propose eight enclosed parking spaces for the 1,662-square-foot buildings, 10 enclosed parking spaces for the 2,193 square-foot buildings, and 12 parking spaces for the single 2,585 square-foot building.

There aren’t any more details on the warehouses, and it’s unknown whether or not this is related to the Steinway Mansion property. This historic property sold for $2,600,000 earlier this summer, and there is some demolition planned for the site.

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Photo via We Heart Astoria