03/22/13 12:00pm


This goy gal has been invited to, and happily attended, numerous sabbath dinners. As I myself have never hosted, I don’t do any cooking or food preparation, and so I usually bring something for dessert, and that thing sometimes needs to be kosher.

If you’ve brought maracroons or almond brittle a few times yourself, you might consider Hungarian kosher baked goods. Local favorite Andre’s Hungarian has three locations – two in Manhattan, but the flagship store is in Rego Park on Queens Boulevard. (more…)

03/18/13 3:00pm


There are many stories of the talented, courageous, and historically significant people of Queens, but none is quite as impressive and poignant as that of Lewis Howard Latimer. Latimer was an extraordinary individual possessing a multitude of talents, whose life coincided with the Civil War, the end of slavery and the industrial revolution. He not only actively participated in those events, he was activated by the opportunities they presented to him, a brilliant, hardworking, and ambitious but humble young African American. Latimer’s house, where he lived from 1903 to 1928, still stands in Flushing, and is open to the public as the Lewis H. Latimer House.


03/15/13 12:00pm


Long before Buenos Aires, Argentina gave us Francis I, it gave us alfajores, a sandwich made from two soft sugar cookies held together with dulce de leche (milk-based caramel) and sprinkled with coconut flakes. I know melt-in-your-mouth is cliché, but the way the buttery cookies blend into the caramel upon biting is genius, and the coconut flakes lend just the right amount of crunchy texture.



So many fantastic New York-based artisanal food makers have found a partner in the Entrepreneur Space, a food and business incubator located in Long Island City, it’s hard to imagine that it’s only been operational for two years. Last night, in celebration of the Entrepreneur Space’s second year of success nurturing budding businesses, 50 of the Space’s 170 clients from all five boroughs brought out their products for an evening of tasting, purchasing and meet-and-greet. (more…)

03/04/13 3:00pm


A riding school and boarding stable is the kind of business that can successfully exist quietly through word-of-mouth – local parents tell other local parents, classes are booked, birthdays parties are scheduled, and those with horses to board probably know their options. That’s why you might not have heard of Lynne’s Riding School, the 66-year-old stable located not far from the shopping district of Metropolitan Avenue on 70th Road in Forest Hills.


02/19/13 3:00pm


Image source: elidr on Flickr

Last week we wrote about the basic concepts and types of yoga, and here in Part 2 we focus on where to find a yoga class to attend in Queens. This borough has all kinds of yoga venues, and this listing is designed to provide a sampling of studios with different personalities offering different kinds of yoga throughout Queens.


02/15/13 3:00pm


Image source: raganmd on Flickr

Today in 2013, it’s rare to find anyone not familiar with at least the basic idea of yoga. The colorful mats, the sanskrit symbols, that pose, “downward facing dog.”  In an age where you can never be earning enough, losing weight fast enough, or doing a variety of other things perfectly enough, the message of practicing without ego, of being present in the moment, and of cultivating stillness is actually pretty profound, and it’s no wonder yoga has spread like wildfire. Whether you are preparing yourself for a visit to an ashram, need an hour of peace and quiet, or are just looking to get in shape, yoga offers pathways to all of these goals.



The contemporary art venue, P.S.1, the cooler wing of the Museum of Modern Art, is housed in an enormous old public school building in Long Island City that is seemingly custom made for the presentation of art. There are endless classrooms, wide hallways, soaring ceilings, and unconventional spaces – like the boiler room, where you can see the work of Saul Melman, who covered the now defunct boiler in gold leaf, or a fenced-in stairwell, featuring trudging William Kentridge silhouettes.

The venue delivers a unique, nostalgic institutional atmosphere and a feeling that the structure organically grew out of the once intensely industrial area. Even aside from the successful summer Warm Up sessions, Young Architects Program installations and buzzing new M. Wells Dinette, it’s always an adventure to go to P.S.1 to explore its nooks and crannies, and to experience a strong curatorial program of art.


02/01/13 12:00pm


Inside La Boulangerie

The fact that the great borough of Queens would be home to two fantastic classic French bakeries is not terribly surprising. But that both chefs should prevail from the same region of France – Brittany – is. La Boulangerie, an artisan bakery and café located at 109-01 72nd Road just off Austin Street in Forest Hills (GMAP), and Cannelle, a pâtisserie and café at 75-59 31st Avenue in Jackson Heights, situated in the Walbaum’s mall (GMAP), are both the creation of Brittany natives. Both strive to bring high-quality, authentic French baked goods to sophisticated New York City palates and, tellingly, both businesses are thriving.


01/29/13 3:00pm


The Woodside library

Anyone who has been reading QueensNYC with even half an eye has surely noticed how much expansion and renovation has been going on with the Queens Library. Scheduled for the coming year alone, new projects include the 18,000 square foot location in Glen Oaks, replacing a two-story brick building from the 1950s; much-needed renovation of the Woodhaven branch; and the addition of a new location that will serve the growing residential areas of Long Island City, the avant garde library for Hunter’s Point.