03/21/13 11:00am


Image source: DNAinfo

DNAinfo reports that a community group, the Forest-Rego Compost Collective, a local non-profit, wants to turn the area behind the Home Depot on Woodhaven Boulevard (GMAP) into a community garden. Right now the space is unused and full of trash and gnarly poison ivy.  (more…)

03/21/13 10:00am


Image source: Wikimedia Commons – bananas can do wonders when you’re sick

During this time of back and forth between mild weather and winter weather, it’s easy to get sick. And when you’re sick, life sucks. When some of us get sick, our appetites decrease and we don’t want to eat anything (or can’t keep it down), and getting back on the eating horse can been a shock to the system. What do you like to eat while sick? Are you a chicken soup kind of person? A warm Jello individual? Do you take on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). Or maybe tea and toast is where you’re at. We’d love to know. Leave us a comment here or via twitter at @queensnycity.

03/21/13 9:30am


Image source: Project Woodhaven

We loved this photowalk that the folks from Project Woodhaven put together – so many great shots! Work is being done at the Forest Park Bandshell and environs, so PW got curious and took a stroll through the park last weekend. We enjoyed their previous photowalk last January after it snowed, too. Check it out.

Project Woodhaven: A Walk In The Park [Project Woodhaven]
Great photos of Forest Park and Woodhaven after the most recent dusting of snow [QNYC]

03/20/13 3:00pm


Image source: Major League Soccer

We saw this on Gothamist and then took a look at the source article on Soccer by Ives, and we were intrigued by what’s being discussed – Major League Soccer (MLS) has developed a wandering eye in the direction of Florida. We really thought the Flushing Meadows Corona Park location was a done deal, but apparently it isn’t in stone – and MLS is getting twitchy.


03/20/13 12:00pm


DNAinfo reports on Snowdonia, a trappist-style gastropub coming to Astoria, that we reported on last October. More details have surfaced – it will open in May at 34-55 32nd Street (GMAP). This is the old Lucas Steakhouse space; originally they thought they might open in the space that currently is home to El Boqueron, a Spanish tapas restaurant, but the old Lucas location worked out better.


03/20/13 9:30am


Image source: Sunnyside Shines

Our friends from Sunnyside Shines passed on this news of two new CityBenches that were installed in Sunnyside

We are happy to announce two new CityBenches in Sunnyside: one in front of Bliss 46 Bistro (46th Street and Queens Blvd – GMAP) and the other one in front of Mario’s Restaurant and Peter’s Impressions (47th Avenue and Greenpoint Avenue – GMAP).

Sites were chosen by Sunnyside Shines and Queens Community Board 2.  The benches are provided by the New York City Department of Transportation and maintained by Sunnyside Shines.


03/19/13 3:00pm

Gantry Plaza State Park

DNAinfo reports that Community Board 2 in LIC may join the Tri-Board Task Force that is pondering how to respond some proposed midtown rezoning – Mayor Bloomberg has put forth a proposal to rezone an area of 78 blocks of Midtown to allow for more and bigger skyscrapers. Manhattan Community Boards 1, 4, 5, and 6 want to band together as a multi-board task force to offer their reaction to and concern with this rezoning.