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What’s up at Julia’s, the beer and wine bar under construction at 818 Woodward Avenue in Ridgewood? The owners of the space, who also operate the local cafe Norma’s, planned to open in late September, but that date has come and gone. According to Julia’s Facebook, the opening date became murky while waiting for approvals from the Department of Buildings. But their latest update seems promising: “As you guys know, we have been at a standstill for a while now, waiting on the approval from the Department of Buildings. We finally have an inspection date! This Tuesday [today] the DOB will be coming to Julia’s and we’ll finally get an idea of when we can open. Wish us luck, we’ll keep you posted.” Good luck, guys!

Once open, the bar will serve a variety of New York craft beers (featuring Finback, Bridge and Tunnel and Transmitter Breweries) alongside a menu of charcuterie and cheese plates.

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Today, Mu Ramen opens at 12-09 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City. It’s a highly anticipated opening ever since the owners received tons of praise for their ramen, which they originally served out of Bricktown Bagel in LIC. They’ve been at work building out a brick and mortar restaurant since this summer. The New York Times said this about the new space: “The new Mu Ramen, brick-walled with smart dark-wood finishes, has an open kitchen and 22 seats at the counter and a communal table. The cooks double as waiters.”

You can see the sample menu here, which includes a selection of steamed buns, mussels, deep fried chicken wings, spicy miso and different ramen bowls with custom-tailored noodles. At first, Mu will only be open for dinner with plans to open for lunch in a few weeks.

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This month, the Aperitif Bistro Lounge Wine Bar opened at 213-41 39th Avenue, in Bayside. (It’s the former location of Bentley’s Off Bell, which is predictably located right off Bell Bouelvard.) This is the second location of the restaurant; the first is located in Long Island. The menu focuses on “French cuisine infused with a Mediterranean and Asian flair,” with dishes like tuna and steak tartare, scallops and shrimp with sautéed leeks, steak frites and a seared duck breast. Here’s the menu for the Long Island location, where entrees run from $21 to $34.

The two-floor restaurant seats 148 and includes a bar and lounge area. Right now, Aperitif serves dinner daily and will start serving lunch and brunch in the next few weeks. The current hours are Monday through Thursday, 5 to 10 pm and Friday and Saturday, 5 to 11 pm.

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The latest book obsession over at Q’Stoner is Queens: A Culinary Passport by Astoria-based food writer Andrea Lynn. The book is an awesome guide to eating in Queens, highlighting more than 40 diverse restaurants and food stands throughout the borough. There are also recipes inspired by Queens dishes, interviews with chefs and local foodies, and suggestions for under-the-radar grocery stores, markets and delis.

We spoke to Andrea about her experience writing the book, tips on navigating unfamiliar dining scenes, her top restaurant recommendations and more. You can purchase her book online on Amazon or in person at Astoria Bookshop.

Brownstoner Queens: What neighborhood do you live in and how did you end up there?
Andrea Lynn: I live in Astoria. My story for arriving into the neighborhood isn’t super original: I already knew a handful of people in Astoria, plus it was close to Manhattan for an easy work commute.

BQ: Where did the idea for a Queens-based food book originate?
AL: Well, I think Brooklyn gets a lot of hype for its trendy food scene, as does Manhattan, of course. Queens has such a fabulously diverse food culture which doesn’t get the merit it deserves. While specific Queens restaurants certainly get a bit of buzz, I felt the borough as whole doesn’t get the culinary love it deserves. So I had the idea to showcase the irresistible, ethnic food of Queens.

BQ: How would you describe the food scene in Queens right now? What was most important for you to capture in your book?
AL: I live off of 30th Avenue in Astoria, and it kind of blows my mind the amount of trendy restaurants and fancy cocktails in Astoria versus when I first moved here seven years ago. Same for Long Island City. But as far as the book, I wanted to capture a slice of the ethnic variety. A Culinary Passport isn’t just a catchy title but in Queens, you really feel like you’re traveling and experiencing so many other cultures.


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Bridge and Tunnel Brewery, operating out of Maspeth since 2012, has signed a lease on a warehouse space in Ridgewood. Bridge and Tunnel was an extremely small endeavor in Maspeth — just a nano brewery brewing 1.5 barrel batches. The much-expanded space in Ridgewood will allow for more beer production as well as a bar serving those beers. Here’s a snippet from the announcement on Facebook: “With the nano system operating in all of 150 square feet, this new space will allow for more production, as well as a brewery that you all can actually come by to visit, have a beer, shoot the shite, etc.”

Beers made by Bridge and Tunnel include a dark German style wheat beer, a brown ale, a milk and oatmeal stout, and a chipotle porter. Currently you can drink them at places like MP Taverna, Open Door, The Queens Kickshaw and Claret (here’s the full list of bars). There’s no exact opening date for the brewery yet, but the owner has roots in Ridgewood and hopes to get things moving in the neighborhood in the next few months.

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athens-cafe-astoria-closedThe owners of Bareburger, the successful mini-chain that started in Astoria, have special plans in the works for the old Athens Cafe space at 32-07 30th Avenue. Athens Cafe closed earlier this month, with lots of rumors surrounding what would replace it. But this week, We Heart Astoria, Astoria Post and DNAinfo have all shared the exciting news that the Bareburger is planning an “exciting new concept” here. Here’s what they told WAH: “The Athens cafe location has been an iconic part of the Astoria community for years. Bareburger group saw an opportunity to inject some new life and an exciting new concept into a space abound with possibilities.”

There are no specific details yet, as they are very early in the planning process. All we know is that this will be a totally new venture for the Bareburger folks in Astoria. GMAP

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Just last week, the owners of Bia67, on South 6th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, signed a deal for an expansion to Long Island City. Bia67 is taking over the commercial space at 23-10 Jackson Avenue, the old Quiznos located between Pearson and Davis Streets. (The Quiznos closed earlier this year.) The owners of Bia67 plan to build out a Vietnamese restaurant and bar this winter. The Brooklyn menu includes dim sum, noodles, banh mi sandwiches, pho and more.

Oren Friedman, of DY Realty Services, brokered the deal and has this to say about the restaurant’s arrival: “It will add some depth to the cuisine of the neighborhood and should make a nice lunch and after work spot for drinks.” Seems like a better addition to the neighborhood than Quiznos, that’s for sure. GMAP

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This Thursday, November 20th, Woodside on the Move is hosting its third annual “Taste of Woodside.” The event will feature food samples from as many as 20 restaurants hailing from Woodside and Western Queens. Food will include American, Spanish, Turkish, Thai and Mediterranean cuisine; participating restaurants include F. Ottomanelli Burgers, La Adelita Restaurant and Takesushi.

The event lasts from 6 to 9 pm at the St. Sebastian School Auditorium. Tickets cost $25.


Armondo’s Italian Restaurant, of Jackson Heights, is planning to reopen after a five-alarm fire at the Bruson Building displaced the business this spring. DNAinfo writes that Armondo’s purchased Trieste, a longtime Italian restaurant located at 73-16 Northern Boulevard. The Armondo’s website shares more details: “We will be taking over the restaurant on January 1 2015. It will be undergoing a quick renovation and will be open for business on February 1, 2015. This is the plan.”

The owner of Trieste is selling the business due to health reasons. He has run it for 36 years.

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Long Island City is getting its first Bareburger (the mini chain is based in Astoria) in just a few months. We Heart LIC posted an update on the under-construction space, located at 48-19 Vernon Boulevard. Turns out this location will get an updated menu, one that is now being used at the 31st Street Astoria Bareburger. It’s more vegetarian friendly, with a selection of four veggie burgers and six different salads.

Cranky’s/1682 French Louisiana previously occupied the space, and felt a hit to business after a nearby Dunkin Donuts opened. As We Heart LIC says, ” I don’t think Bareburger has anything to worry about when it comes to that.”

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