04/23/13 3:45pm


It takes most people a while to get around to fixing things. But when repair jobs are needed on park equipment kids play on, that can ruffle some feathers.

An investigation by Comptroller John Liu’s office found some alarming safety hazards within Queens Parks that went unfixed too long. The investigation into the Parks Dept. discovered dangers like loose monkeybars, open manholes and jagged fences which went unfixed for months, according to the Queens Chronicle. About 11 percent of hazards deemed so dangerous that they required immediate attention, went unfixed for over 30 days, the requisite time period to complete such repairs.


04/22/13 4:00pm

Are Rockaway commuters taking another knock from the MTA?


The agency is reportedly decreasing the number of shuttle runs that were instituted to make up for “A” train service knocked out by hurricane Sandy.

Even before the hurricane, service times from the Rockaways were not good. After Sandy, the United Nations actually recognized a Far Rockaway student for having one of the longest commutes in the world. It can take Santiago Munoz two hours and forty minutes to get to Bronx HS of Science, by way of the shuttle, a second bus, and two subway lines, according to the Post.


04/18/13 2:05pm

A couple of the Queens newspapers — Queens Courier and Queens Chronicle – have reported this week on the planned cleanup of a toxic material left behind from the previous industrial usage of an area that is home to eight storage bays situated beneath the former Ozone Park LIRR station. At a community board meeting exchanges between residents and CB9 officials, it seems, got kinda heated when residents expressed numerous safety concerns that — based on the reporting we read — will likely cause the projects planners to go back to the drawing board.

storage bays under the LIRR ozone park station
Photos courtesy of Forgotten NY

In addition to being the subject of this toxic cleanup story, the Ozone Park LIRR station has been in the news for its part in the proposed Queensway, an elevated park built upon decommissioned railroad tracks. The linear park’s route would run directly above the contaminated area in question.


04/16/13 7:20pm

Museum of the Moving Image


From a MOMI press release:

Sumner M. Redstone, a film and media industry pioneer and Executive Chairman of Viacom Inc. and CBS Corporation, has made a $3 million gift to the Museum of the Moving Image, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  In recognition of the gift from the Sumner M. Redstone Charitable Foundation, the Museum’s state-of-the-art main theater will be named the Sumner M. Redstone Theater beginning in May 2013. The announcement was made today by Museum of the Moving Image Board Chairman Herbert S. Schlosser and Executive Director Carl Goodman.

Mr. Schlosser said, “The naming of the Sumner M. Redstone Theater will forge a permanent bond between a visionary entertainment industry leader, whose contributions to the advancement of film and media are unrivaled, and the Museum, which is the nation’s only cultural institution devoted to educating the general public, including 50,000 middle and high school students per year, about the art, history, and technology of film and digital media. Mr. Redstone’s gift will allow the Museum to advance and expand its important mission as we enter our 25th year. We cannot thank him enough for this transformative gift.”

Museum of Moving Image OK Go Spectacles

Mr. Redstone said, “I am proud to support the work of this iconic cultural center which so skillfully melds my two lifelong loves—of entertainment and learning. The moving image in all its forms has a deep connection for me, from my lifelong love of film and television; to my family’s theatrical exhibition business, National Amusements; to my role as Chair of two of the top global media entertainment companies, CBS and Viacom, whose Paramount Pictures is Hollywood’s oldest motion picture studio.  It is a great honor for me to add my name to all the distinguished patrons of the Museum as it continues to spread the art of film and media.”


04/16/13 2:00pm

subway_surfers screenshot

Maybe it was Subway Surfers, the popular video game, that enticed a man to give train surfing a try.

Or maybe this guy was just a regular old LIRR fare jumper who thought it better to get on top of the train than stowaway in the bathroom.

Whatever the reason, commuter Boruch Nemtzov, 28, was awaiting his train at the Forest Hills LIRR station when he spotted a guy lying face down on top of a passing train, NYDN reports. “Maybe he was trying to beat a $20 fare,” Nemtzov quipped to the paper. Since the most recent fare increase in March, a peak hours round-trip ride from Manhattan to Forest Hills costs $16.

Photo courtesy of NY Daily News

Gothamist reported on the incident too:

MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan said the man—whose photo was snapped as he passed through the Forest Hills station—is still at large, though officials are “working to find the individual” since train surfing is “obviously illegal.”

How often does this occur, anyway? “I’ve been working here since ’07, and this is the first time I’ve recalled this happening on the LIRR or Metro North,” Donovan said.

04/15/13 2:00pm

1 Recycling Day Forest Pk Sept 30

From a Press release from NYS Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.:

To help bring Earth Day a little closer to home for his constituents, Addabbo and Assemblyman Mike Miller will be holding another Recycling Day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 28, to help local residents dispose of unwanted recyclable household items. The event will be held at the George Seuffert, Sr. Bandshell Parking Lot in Forest Park on Forest Park Drive, one block west of Woodhaven Boulevard in Woodhaven.

“This will be our eighth recycling event,” said Addabbo, “and the last one held resulted in the recycling of roughly 20 tons of unwanted household items. That was a record for us, and it’s one we’re hoping to break on April 28th!”

Items that may be recycled at the event include clothing and textiles, electronics (including televisions, computers and air conditioners), paper (which may be shredded at the event for safety), carpeting, eyeglasses, and a variety of household goods. Additionally, old, tattered American flags will be collected at the event. Interested residents should call the Senator’s office at 1-718-738-1111 for more detailed information.

04/13/13 10:30am

Alobar (GMAP) is petitioning CB2 to get outdoor seating. if you are a fan and want to support their effort, you can add your signature to their petition. (Note: there were 239 signature  as of 1030am on 4/13).

Since it began Alobar Restaurant has worked hard to become a service to the community. We have proven ourselves to be quiet, respectful  and good neighbors. We have been told that what we give to Long Island City is a world class experience integral to LIC itself. To be allowed to use our beautiful walled outdoor cafe is extremely important for us to continue to be such a major part of this wonderful community of Hunters Point, Long Island City. Without it we will not be able to compete in the summer months, with so many other restaurants that already have outdoor seating.

Previous coverage of Alobar [QNYC]

04/12/13 4:07pm


Image Source: Entrepreneur Space

The Entrepreneur Space is running out of space! On April 11, the LIC-based food-and-business incubator received more than 20 boxes of cookware, silverware, bakeware, cutlery and just about everything else a kitchen could want, thanks to a donation from Princess House, a party-plan, direct-selling company that promotes female entrepreneurship. Located at 36-46 37th St., the E-Space is a 12,500-sq.-ft., NYC Economic Development Corporation-sponsored hub with a fully equipped commercial kitchen, offices and classrooms that entrepreneurs can rent at below-market rates as they build their businesses. Consultant Kathrine Gregory (at right in photo with Princess House President and CEO Connie Tang) noted that this donation — valued at over $12,000 — will be put to extremely good use as the E-Space currently has roughly 170 clients who make everything from gluten-free baked goods to Greek garlic dip to designer marshmallows.

04/12/13 2:00pm

Cities all have their curiosities. One of NYC’s curiosities is Hart Island’s Potter’s Field cemetery, where the unclaimed dead are buried. More than 850,000 have been buried here since 1869. Hart Island is part of The Bronx, but its run by the NYC Department of Correction, which is pretty much a Queens thing.

Hart Island NYC
Source: GMAP

From the NY Times:

For more than a century, to be buried on Hart Island, off the coast of the Bronx, was to be essentially forgotten.

A man run over by a train with no family to claim his body. A homeless woman who froze to death on a bitterly cold winter’s night with no loved ones to find their way to her. A stillborn baby born to a woman who could not afford to pay for a burial. These are among the approximately 850,000 forlorn souls who since 1869 have been buried in the city’s potter’s field, a 101-acre cemetery just east of City Island.

Now the City and the DOC has developed a website that provides information about some of the people buried on Hart Island.