Image source: NY Daily News

The NY Daily News reports that the residents of the Queensbridge Houses, one of the largest public housing developments in North America, will have better access to fresh, local produce, thanks to the efforts of GrowNYC and local City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer. For just $10, residents can purchase a bag full of fruits and vegetables.  (more…)

04/30/12 11:22am

Why do so many people pay for the Internet when we could all be sharing? Apparently, we aren’t the only ones who have wondered this. The East River Development Alliance will be partnering with a company called KeyWiFi to help bridge the digital divide in Queensbridge through Internet sharing. The program will allow residents to use their neighbor’s WiFi networks for a low fee, and Key WiFi will take a cut for brokering the deal. The program, dubbed the Digital Futures Project, should help get low-income residents connected and may assist all of us in cutting our Internet bills in the future, according to Talking Points Memo.