12/14/12 11:00am

Gantry Plaza State Park

NYCgo has produced a really lovely video called This is New York City—Long Island City, Queens – and yes, it’s all about LIC. It really shows off how awesome LIC is – this is a gem of a neighborhood (we’ve already shown you why we love to eat, have fun, and live here).

We noticed a lot of familiar faces and spots in the video, over two dozen in under two minutes – Gantry Plaza State Park, Sweetleaf, Chimney Cake, Dutch Kills Green, the East River Ferry, MOMA PS1, the Museum of the Moving Image, Noguchi Museum, Socrates Sculpture Park and the floating buddha, Malu, Domaine Wine Bar, and more.


11/12/12 9:30am


Image source: 60 Minutes

Last night the community of Belle Harbor was featured on 60 Minutes. This was the Rockaway neighborhood situated in the middle of the peninsula, that suffered not only from flooding but from fire during Hurricane Sandy. The folks interviewed in the video talked about various harrowing experiences during the storm – the explosion of a gas line which led to a kind of rain made of fire (embers); one person rescuing six people from a burning house, taking them across raging waters that appeared tsunami-like; and a family “making a break for it” as the floodwaters rose and threatened their lives in their home.



Image source: Wikimedia Commons – Eisenhower signing of HR7786, June 1, 1954, this ceremony changed Armistice Day to Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day. Usually there is a Queens Veterans Day parade held in Middle Village Queens around this time of year, but because of Hurricane Sandy and the repercussions from the storm’s wrath, this year the parade has been cancelled. Instead, they will be holding a relief collection for the victims of Hurricane Sandy – “water, canned food, toiletries, flashlights, batteries, extension cords, medical supplies, blankets, towels, toys, baby bottles, formula, and diapers” are all welcome by Monday, November 12 at 75-16 Metropolitan Ave (GMAP). (more…)

11/08/12 9:30am

We thought we’d do a little Hurricane Sandy video retrospective. If you have any you’d like us to add, please email us.

Here is Sandy while it expanded down near Florida.

[flickr video=8131445256 secret=e548ca75fc w=500 h=325]

Credit: NOAA/NASA GOES Project


Hurricane Sandy as it develops and grows, moving up the eastern seaboard and moving on to land and slamming into the Northeast.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhQktHY9aZg]


10/31/12 12:00pm


Image source: WNYC

Two places that got hit particularly hard during Hurricane Sandy were LIC and the Rockaways. Breezy Point was particularly hard hit (it is located on the west side of the Rockaway peninsula, and the western tip is known for its excellent birdwatching oportunities) with water and wind and fires. This morning, one woman we met from Sunnyside said that her parents’ house down there was not destroyed by fire (the fire stopped about 100 feet away from the house) but that the house was moved off its foundation by the water and wind.

It’s a heartbreaking scene down there. 111 homes burned to the ground, according to CBS. This image below is incredible – click to enlarge.

This aerial photo shows burned-out homes in the Breezy Point section of the Queens borough New York after a fire on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012. The tiny beachfront neighborhood told to evacuate before Sandy hit New York burned down as it was inundated by floodwaters, transforming a quaint corner of the Rockaways into a smoke-filled debris field. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)


10/27/12 2:00pm

Today it’s warm (for Fall) and it’s very possible that the surfers are out there in their wet suits at Rockaway Beach, surfing the day away (surfers will put up with a lot, when it comes to air and water temperature). We came across this video this week and were completely mesmerized. Slow motion surfing and waves, all set to a beautiful operatic score.

[vimeo 49352102 w=500 h=281]

R O C K A W A Y O P E R A — Surfing at Rockaway Beach from Zac Halberd on Vimeo.


Image source: LIC Horror Film Festival

The inaugural Long Island City Horror Film Fest is happening this weekend at 5 Pointz in LIC. The films, all shorts, were submitted during the Open Call earlier this year. Here is a list of the films that will be screened on Saturday night from 9 to midnight:

  • “Anne Lake” by Annette Isham from North Woods
  • “The Story of Mrs. Crumley” by Byron Guinanzaca from Queens, New York
  • “T.A.T” by Wilmer Pozo from Quito, Ecuador
  • “Polterzeitgeist” by Carl Diehl from Portland, OR
  • “A Red Line” by Ellen Wetmore from Fitchburg MA
  • “Ante Fenestram Somniat in Albo (Against the Window, She Dreams in White)” by Scott F. Hall & Janae N. Corrado from Merrit Island, FL
  • “Cables” by Luis Enriquez from Quito, Ecuador
  • “Promethean Dreams” by Matt McKee from Hyde Park, MA
  • “The Obscure Red” by Sofia Escobar from Toronta, Canada
  • “Cadaver Sex With Minors” by Ulysses Castellanos from Toronto Canada
  • “Sacrebleu” by Fabian Elias Jimenez from Queens, New York
  • “Year Zero” by Richard Cunningham from New York
  • “Tenant Patrol” by Ray and Rita Normandeau from Queens, New York


10/17/12 2:00pm


Image source: Osprey’s Journey

Back in May, a male Osprey nesting in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge was outfitted with a GPS pack. He was released in June. The within will keep track of him as he moves around – within Jamaica Bay and environs, and also as he migrates south for the winter (currently he’s in Colombia).

This is part of a two-year research project spearheaded by the nonprofit National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy. (more…)

10/05/12 3:00pm


Image source: Shoberpants on Wikimedia Commons

This year is the 30th anniversary of They Might Be Giants, a band that has been described as alternative, experimental, independent, and all number of adjectives and genre names that try to pin down its zany style. Amazingly enough for an 80s band, John Flansburgh and John Linnell of TMBG are still together, recording and performing.

Brooklyn-based TMBG filmed one of their most popular videos – for the 1986 song “Don’t Let’s Start” – in Queens, inside the New York State Pavilion in Flushing Meadows Park. (more…)