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The anticipation was tremendous. Exactly 50 years ago today, the 1964 World’s Fair kicked off with an inauguration featuring a speech by President Lyndon B. Johnson. To commemorate this historic event today, NYC Parks opened the New York State Pavilion for three hours this afternoon. More than 5,000 spectators waited in line to see this remnant and take photos of the interior portion, where the Tent of Tomorrow once stood.


People started gathering around the NYS Pavilion as soon as the sun came up. The line stretched around the beloved structure.


By 11 am, patient and excited people were standing on the Grand Central Parkway’s overpass.


By 11:30 am, the queue went past the Queens Zoo and into its parking lot.


Those who waited got to see the inside of a structure once hosted Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones concerts.


Diana Ross and Michael Jackson danced around this mezzanine while filming The Wiz.


Borough President Melinda Katz wants to restore the NYS Pavilion, even though it would cost an estimated $75 million. What’s your opinion?

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Queens is a big borough, and we want to feature as many photos of it as possible. But we can’t do it alone. Q’Stoner readers — please send pictures of your neighborhood to us via email (emily@brownstoner.com), via Twitter or via Facebook. We will then feature the photos on our “Daily Links” roundup every morning. We’ll include credit, of course. Thanks, readers — looking forward to what you come up with.

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This past Saturday, 250 volunteers gathered at NYCHA’s Woodside Houses to plant 112 trees in honor of Earth Day weekend. It was part of the New York Restoration Project and JetBlue’s seventh annual “One Thing That’s Green” volunteer event. Over the course of the day, local residents, volunteers, JetBlue and NYRP planted dogwood, crabapple, willow oak trees, and fruit trees like Whitegold cherry, Kieffer pear, and apple. Check out more pictures from the planting event, right after the jump!


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Twist and Smash’d Sports — an offshoot of the Twist and Smash’d burger joint located in Forest Hills — has an official opening date. The new sports bar will open on May 1st at 34-02 Steinway Street in Astoria. Here are a few details on the expansion from a press release: “Twist and Smash’d Sports will elevate the concept of the “sports bar” by incorporating their unique fast casual dining experience with innovative technology, green space practices and fun for people of all ages. Sports enthusiasts will be able to take part in their nightly events, Bocce Ball tournaments, and casual socializing.”

It’ll be open from 11 am to 4 am serving lunch, dinner, 50 beers on tap and a variety of wine and liquor. It’s worth noting that this outpost is going to be huge, with 5,000 square feet total, two Bocce Ball courts and 54 flat screen TVs. Great news for Astoria sports lovers, eh? UPDATE: Check out a few sneak preview pics after the jump.

Twist and Smash’d Burger Joint will Expand to Astoria This Spring [Q'Stoner] GMAP



Royalty is making a home in Queens. On April 25th, the Titan Theatre Company concludes its award-winning second season with a two-week run of Shakespeare’s King Lear at Queens Theatre. This innovative troupe, which performed at Long Island City’s Secret Theatre frequently during its first year, will give its take on this tragic family drama about an aging, increasing crazier British king who decides to step down from the throne and divide his estate among his three daughters. The end results are horrible for all, except the audience.

Details: King Lear, Queens Theatre, 14 United Nations Avenue South, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, April 25 through May 11th, Sunday shows at 4 pm, other shows at 7 pm or 7:30 pm, $18 for general admission.


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HIBINO LIC tofu_700

Welcome to the Q’Stoner food feature, Signature Dish! Once a week we check in with Queens restaurants and ask the owners about the all-time favorite dishes they serve. If you know of a dish you’d like to see featured here, please email emily@brownstoner.com.

The Spot: Hibino LIC, 10-70 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City.

The Deal: This year the successful Cobble Hill restaurant Hibino opened its second location in Long Island City. The Japanese restaurant specializes in a rotating menu of daily specials as well as sushi.

After seven years in Brooklyn, Hibano searched for a new location, eventually settling on the 26-seat spot near the Vernon stop on the 7. Because the Queens location is still so new, the liquor license is still in the works, but the owners expect sake to be served by no later than the end of May.

The Dish: With a rotating menu of rotating daily specials, Obanzi, choosing a representative dish at Hibino LIC can be difficult. There is one consistent menu item though: the homemade tofu, served in a custom yogurt jar printed in Japan.

“Our fresh made tofu, served either cold or warm, is a really simple dish that demonstrates the delicate texture and subtle fresh soy flavors of the tofu,” says Hinata, the restaurant’s manager, who has worked at both locations.

This isn’t store-bought tofu — it’s enough to make a believer out of the most enthusiastic carnivore.

04/22/14 12:00pm

35-24 78th Street-LOTD

This one bedroom co-op comes from the Berkeley, located at 35-24 78th Street in Jackson Heights. It’s very large, at 1,000 square feet, and has a great layout. We love how the large arched entryways really open up the central space. Our only complaint? Let’s see more pictures of the kitchen. The asking price for this apartment comes in at $265,000.

35-24 78th Street [Beaudoin Realty] GMAP


There they stand on the Flushing Bay Promenade just north of Citifield… two odd fiberglass rain shelters that appear to me resembling the Vampire Squid, which has webbing between its tentacles that gives it a batlike appearance. (They also look like Sally Field’s “Flying Nun” headpiece.) These shelters are mostly unremarked upon by promenade bicyclists and strollers, but they are true relics — they were built for the 1964-1965 Worlds’ Fair and were retained after the Fair closed.

The shelters were researched by Paul Lukas, a pro sports uniform aficionado of Uni Watch fame both on ESPN and the proprietary Uni Watch site (and much earlier, the Beer Frame zine and Inconspicuous Consumption site which, among many other things, helped inspire FNY) and the architect Kirsten Hively.

As it turns out there were originally three such structures placed aside the World’s Fair Marina, designed by architect Peter Schladermundt, who is also responsible for the Marina, which also appeared in its present configuration in 1964. They were originally exhibit spaces for riparian entities such as the United States Coast Guard, and had glass exteriors and sliding doors. After the Fair, all three were auctioned off to various bidders, one of which moved his “structure” to the Adirondacks. The other winning bidder only wanted the glass walls and left what were now reduced to shelters without the walls in place, where they sit today.


You may have heard of these as the “Candela structures” since the Parks Department named them for Spanish architect Felix Candela, who worked quite a bit in waterside projects, and it’s entirely likely that Schladermundt was inspired greatly by Candela — there is a quite close resemblance. But Candela did not design the shelters.


“Schladermundt [pronounced SHLAH-der-munt] Structures” is rather a mouthful; the “Candela Structures” name has more or less stuck — it’s easier to pronounce and spell. They are true World’s Fair remnants, so see them while you can. There’s no immediate plan to tear them down, but developers are rapacious, as you know.

And check it out: Paul and Kirsten did a bit of guerrilla editing on a Parks Department sign.

04/22/14 10:30am


Daniel Karatzas of Beaudoin Realty Group released first quarter numbers for sales this year in Jackson Heights. Compared with the fourth quarter of 2013 (a very strong quarter), the volume of transactions dropped. Only four houses closed in the first quarter, down about 70 percent from the prior and year-ago period. The average sales prices were down for one- and three-family houses, but up 27 percent for two-family homes. However, with such low sales numbers for the quarter, it’s hard to make big judgments regarding the changes in prices.

Apartment sales numbers look stronger, with 84 total transactions for the quarter. The number is 45 percent below the fourth quarter (when 152 units sold) but up 18 percent over the year ago period. Sales increased in all categories (prewar walkup co-ops, prewar elevator co-ops, postwar elevator co-ops and condos) except condos. And the average sales prices were generally up this quarter, rising 1 percent for postwar co-ops and 19 percent for prewar walkup co-ops. Check out a ton of graphs analyzing the changes in sales price and volume after the jump.

Fourth Quarter Report Reveals Strong and Growing Sales Numbers in Jackson Heights [Q'Stoner]