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The word “taiko” can refer generally to a genre of Japanese percussion, but it can also refer to a specific wadaiko drum. Found in Japanese folklore dating back to the sixth century, taiko can be part of everything from a theatrical performance to a religious ceremony to a form of communication. This Sunday, one of the world’s foremost taiko ensembles will perform in Queens, and the host is offering tickets for only $6 each. More information and another photo on the jump page.



The co-op prices in Jackson Heights are creeping upward. Take, for example, this two bedroom at Laburnum Court, asking $599,000. (Monthly fees: $837.) It looks to be a beautiful, well-kept six room apartment. We don’t have square footage, but it does look smaller than the typical two-bedroom co-op unit in Jackson Heights — and that kitchen is definitely cozy. One thing’s for sure, though — that’s a nice chunk of cash that they’re asking for. Think they’ll get it?

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37-22 80th Street [Kleier Realty] GMAP


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A few years ago, local controversy in LIC and Astoria was centered around a pair of Dutch era artifacts known colloquially as “The Queens Plaza Mill Stones.” The mill stones date back to the 1640s and were originally part of Burger Jorrisen’s homestead. For most of the 20th century, the artifacts were embedded in a sidewalk in Queens Plaza. When the “Queens Plaza Improvement Project” began, the mill stones were uprooted and stored in a decidedly dangerous manner. The Greater Astoria Historical Society led the charge on protesting this, and there was quite a hullaballoo about the matter, one which ended up being fairly divisive.

In the end, Jimmy Van Bramer stepped in, calmed the warring parties, and arranged for the stones to be moved from the construction zone and stored at the Queens Library until the construction was done. The ultimate home for the things was always meant to be the new Dutch Kills Greens Park, the creation of which was the whole point of the ”Queens Plaza Improvement Project.” I was wandering around Queens Plaza last week and decided to check in on the Mill Stones, which ended up being a disturbing visit.

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Hey Sunnyside, here’s what’s coming for the corner of Greenpoint Avenue and 48th Street. YIMBY first published the rendering of the new development proposed by developer AB Capstone. It’ll replace a number of two-story walkups with both commercial and residential space.

The first floor of the new development will hold 6,400 square feet of retail space on the ground floor, and 6,200 square feet of community facility space on the second floor. Above will be 10 rental apartments averaging 780 square feet. According to YIMBY, construction will start in late summer and last 18 months.

Revealed: 47-16 Greenpoint Avenue, Sunnyside [New York YIMBY] GMAP

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The MTA has awarded 480,000 square feet of air rights to Property Markets Group and the Hakim Organization to build a 70-story tower at 29-37 41st Street. The Daily News reports that the MTA Board voted yesterday to approve the sale, which puts $56 million into the agency’s pocket. (So why did our Metrocard price just go up?) According to an MTA spokesperson, “Every dollar we are able to secure through real estate transactions helps to reduce the pressure on the fares, tolls and taxes that support the MTA.”

Current zoning at the parcel allows for 40 stories of development. With the air rights, developers can add an additional 39 stories. Last we heard, plans were for 70 stories, 830,000 square feet, and 930 units. There will be no affordable housing included in that, so LIC will get the luxury skyscraper that it’s always needed!

MTA Will Sell $56M Long Island City Property to Developer Eyeing New 77-Story Residential Tower [NY Daily News]
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“Weird Loners,” a TV show about “four single 30-something underdogs” living in Ridgewood, premieres on Fox on March 3st. To celebrate, Ridgewood’s Queens Tavern, at 6869 Fresh Pond Road, is holding a viewing party. The event description is pretty darn funny:

Grab a beer and uncomfortably watch the first episode at Queens Tavern on their full screen! Be in awe of how large their indoor apartment is! Then ask yourself… “if that is considered weird by mainstream standards… what am I?” Make bets with your fellow friends on how long until this show gets cancelled!

P.S. The word “Quooklyn” is banned from the party.

Sarah from Ridgewood Social will be the host of the evening. Here are details on the event, which begins at 9 pm on Tuesday. See you there?

Closing Bell: “Weird Loners,” Set in Ridgewood, Will Premiere This Month [Q'Stoner]

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Check out this awesome video from Matthew Silva and AquaRela Pictures of the second lighting test held at the New York State Pavilion. The first test was held in late February.

The tests are part of a $5,806,000 restoration slated to upgrade the structure’s electrical system, rebuild the staircases inside the Pavilion’s three towers, and repair the concrete platforms supporting the observation decks at the top of each of the towers. The hope is that the illumination will draw attention to the historic World’s Fair structures and help raise interest for restoration and reuse.

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About 40 years ago, New York City was covered in graffiti, teeming with crime, and on the edge of bankruptcy. But the punk scene was thriving. Some of the lesser known films from the era reflect a city with deserted streets, bohemian fashion, rebellion in the air, but most importantly, music everywhere. This weekend, the Museum of the Moving Image will present Downtown New York Film: The 1970s and 1980s. More information on this two-day festival and another photo are on the jump page.


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What’s up with this listing at 83-14 Abingdon Road? It’s in the fancier part of Kew Gardens, located close to the park and the LIRR station. But the home — both inside and out — isn’t much to look at. The interior, in fact, looks close to wrecked and will need a lot of work. (The worn out carpet and floor tiles are giving us chills.) That brings us to the asking price: $1,800,000. Will someone please explain to us how the asking price could be so high? We’re seriously stumped.

See some photos of the interior after the jump.

83-14 Abingdon Road [Prime Realty] GMAP