11/19/15 1:00pm

Holiday Historic House Tour

Now we know why Santa Claus is coming to town!

On Sunday, December 6, seven Queens landmarks will open their doors to the public during the 28th Annual Holiday Historic House Tour. Sponsored by the Queens Historical Society, merry participants will be able to walk at their own pace to the different venues and take a dedicated shuttle from Flushing to Corona from 12:30 pm to 5 pm.

The participating sites Bowne House; Flushing Town Hall; Friends Quaker Meeting; Kingsland Homestead; Lewis H. Latimer House Museum; Louis Armstrong House Museum; and Voelker Orth Museum Bird Sanctuary & Victorian Garden will be decorated as they were during Christmas celebrations of yore to present a glimpse into their pasts. They will also offer special, time-honored activities, craft fairs, and refreshments.

More images and descriptions of the venues and their tour plans are on the jump page.


11/17/15 1:00pm

It's In Queens

The deuces are wild! Hansel and Gretel; Gilbert and Sullivan; and Orthodox comedians Tovah Silbermann and Liza Treyger are coming to Queens this week. Locals can also check out two Irish movies, a presentation by two Civil War expert groups, two Diwali-inspired festivals, two enormous dance works, and two walking tours with the borough’s official historian. Another image and descriptions of 18 events are on the jump page.


Itinerant Performance Art Festival

Hector Canonge is ready to implement an art intervention on Queens residents.

The Jackson Heights-based interdisciplinary artist — who recently returned from gigs in Athens, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Rome, Venice, and other cities — is currently organizing the Itinerant Performance Art Festival NYC at locations throughout the five boroughs.

This weekend (2 pm to 5 pm on both days), Queens Museum will join the fun, hosting local, national, and international performance artists who will present pieces that explore the themes “Race and Corporal Embodiments,” “Queering Gender & Identity,” and “Migratory Patterns.”

The Flushing Meadows Corona Park landmark will dedicate a special indoor space to the itinerant effort, and participants will interact with each other on a “live canvas.” For example, Diane Dwyer plans to place a painting on the floor, stand on it, and note who joins her. In another section, Thomas Albrecht will stand motionless with a suitcase in his hand, staring in the same direction for three hours to coax observers into dealing with boredom, tedium, and anxiety.

Another image and descriptions of other contributing artists are on the jump page.


11/10/15 1:00pm

It's In Queens!

The famous GingerBread Lane returns to Queens this week. The 500 square feet of sweet goodness will be in great company with classic plays, noir films, performance art, poetry, and Himalayan dumplings. An image of the GingerBread marvel and 27 upcoming events are on the jump page.


11/06/15 1:04pm

Queens Genocide Discussions

Many historians call it “the moment that changed everything,” because they consider it the German Third Reich’s first mass action against Jewish people — and the harbinger of things to come.

On November 9, 1938, anti-Semitic violence swept through Germany, Austria, and part of the occupied Czechoslovakian territories in what is now known as “Kristallnacht” or “The Night of Broken Glass.” As police stood by, Nazis and other anti-Semitic groups destroyed Jewish-owned businesses, wrecked their homes, killed randomly, burned synagogues, and generally brutalized as many Jews as possible.

A few borough activities will mark this anniversary with solemn, but interesting and even uplifting events.

On November 9, Sarah Lawrence College German literature professor Roland Dollinger will discuss Kristallnacht at the Central Queens Y. Then, the Forest Hills venue will screen Hitler’s Children, a documentary on the descendants of high-ranking Nazi leaders and how they struggle with the guilt and their families’ legacies.

The following day, November 10, the Harriet and Kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center in Bayside will host a panel discussion with three genocide survivors.

Hanne Liebmann was born in Germany in 1924. She was deported to the Gurs concentration camp in southern France in 1940. While her mother died in Auschwitz, Liebmann was rescued by the Children’s Aid Society and hid in a children’s home before using false papers to cross the border into Switzerland (and safety) in 1943.

Before turning 10, Jacqueline Murekatete had lost her entire family during the 1994 genocide by the Hutus against the Tutsis in the African country Rwanda. Currently, she runs Jacqueline’s Human Rights Corner and speaks in forums around the world on her genocide-prevention activities.

As a little girl, Adisada Dudic witnessed a major massacre in Srebrenica, a town in modern day Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1995. Though the area was a United Nations-designated safe haven, Serbian soldiers killed more than 8,000 Bosnians there, while about 20,000 civilians fled. Dudic is currently an attorney in Washington, DC, who specializes in global immigration issues. She also helps maintain an extensive global immigration library.

Another image and information on a third event are on the jump page.


11/03/15 1:00pm

It's In Queens

The baseball action inside Citi Field has settled in for a long winter’s nap, but the rest of the borough is alive and kicking with a wide array of fun things to do, including brand new theater, Korean film, live music, Kristallnacht-related discussions, smashing pumpkins, and a Diwali motorcade. Another image and info on 23 events are on the jump page.


10/30/15 1:00pm

Wait Until Dark at The Chain Theatre

It’s 1944, and Susy Hendrix is a Greenwich Village housewife who has just gone blind. Thugs break into her apartment to search for a heroin-stuffed doll. The plot then twists and turns on the way to a shattering conclusion.

This play, Wait Until Dark, premiered on Broadway in 1966. The next year, the thriller was adapted into a Hollywood film starring Audrey Hepburn.

Today, October 30, Variations Theatre Group opens a 15-show run of its adaption of Wait Until Dark at The Chain Theatre in Long Island City. More information and another image are on the jump page.


10/27/15 1:00pm

It's In Queens

It’s time for two days of pumpkin-chucking! Other non-traditional Halloween celebrations include a haunted hike through a forest, a tour of murder and mayhem, kimchee-eating, and a multi-disciplinary Day of the Dead event. Also on the To Do list are a Russian play, an Irish crooner, a Jewish comedian, a French filmmaker, and a Panamanian expo. Another image and the full rundown are on the jump page.


10/23/15 1:00pm

Ambassador Dennis Ross

Over the past three decades, nobody has worked harder to bring peace to the Middle East than Ambassador Dennis Ross. His career began with a position in the Pentagon during President Jimmy Carter’s administration. He then served as director of policy planning at the State Department for the first President George Bush, followed by a stint under President Bill Clinton, when he helped negotiate the 2000 Camp David talks, and a post as a special adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during President Barack Obama’s first term.

On Sunday at 3 pm, Ambassador Ross will discuss his new book, Doomed to Succeed: The U.S./Israel Relationship from Truman to Obama, at the Forest Hills Jewish Center. As the subtitle suggests, this book is not about the more frequently covered diplomacy efforts between Arabs and Israelis, but rather a history of Israel’s relationship with the United States. (President Harry S. Truman recognized Israel 11 minutes after the country declared statehood in 1948.)

More information on the event and a photo of Ambassador Ross are on the jump page.


10/22/15 9:30am


The name Ditmars, or Ditmas, appears more than once in the NYC street directory. The Bronx has a Ditmars Street in City Island, while Brooklyn has a Ditmas Avenue through Kensington and namesake Ditmas Park, which turns into Avenue D and then continues as Ditmas through East Flatbush and Brownsville. (more…)