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Ever since The Aston, Forest Hills’ newest condo development at 108-20 71st Avenue, launched this past fall, demand has been crazy high. The 97-unit development was 50 percent spoken for after four weeks of showings. Now, DNAinfo reports, the development is 60 percent sold. With that, prices have risen significantly on the one-, two- and three-bedroom units.

Upon the sales launch, one bedrooms started from $455,000, two bedrooms from $790,000 and three bedrooms from $1,400,000. (We heard units were all selling at ask.) Now, one bedrooms range from $585,000 to $730,000, two bedrooms from $995,000 to $1,330,000 (with two-bedroom penthouses priced between $1,620,000 and $1,710,00) and finally three bedrooms (of which there are three) starting at $1,420,000. This seems like a game changer for the Forest Hills market, no?

The sales team, which hasn’t even had to advertise the units, told DNAinfo that they expect to sell out by early summer. The development, which includes a gym, outdoor terrace, parking garage and concierge, will be ready for occupancy in February.

2-Bedroom Apartments at Luxury Forest Hills Condo Surge to $1M [DNAinfo]
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We knew there was tons of demand at the Forest Hills condo building The Aston, with 1,000 prospective buyers clamoring to see the one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments upon the sales launch in October. Now The Marketing Directors have reported that 50 percent of the units have sold after just four weeks.

There are only 97 units in the building, with one bedrooms starting from $455,000, two bedrooms from $790,000 and three bedrooms from $1,400,000. So far the apartments are selling at ask, but the three-bedroom units (there are three of them) haven’t been spoken for yet. Building amenities include a gym, outdoor terrace, parking garage and concierge.

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The Aston, Forest Hills’ newest condo development at 108-20 71st Avenue, is in crazy high demand. DNAinfo shares that around 1,000 prospective buyers are waiting to check out the one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments — and the 17-story building only holds 97 units. The building developer said of the demand, “It’s unbelievable, we get about 30 calls a day.” They expect to start arranging viewing appointments when the sales office opens next week.

Three-bedroom units, which were added to the development later to appeal to families, will start at $1,400,000. One-bedroom apartments will start at $455,000, two bedrooms at $790,000. The building will have amenities like a gym, outdoor terrace, parking garage and concierge.

1,000 Prospective Buyers Clamoring for Space in Forest Hills Luxury Condo [DNAinfo]
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Almost ready for sales! Edge of the City caught advertising going up for The Aston, the newest condo development to hit Forest Hills. (Weirdly, the building pictured above is not The Aston — it’s a building across the street supposedly owned by the same developer.) There’s also a teaser site advertising one- and two-bedroom luxury residences, although we heard there will also be six three-bedroom units available. The sales gallery is expected to open this summer, with construction wrapping in the fall. No word on pricing yet.

Advertising The Aston [Edge of the City]
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We hadn’t heard much news on The Aston, the luxury condo development under construction in Forest Hills, but yesterday DNAinfo provided an update. The 17-story building, still under construction at 108-11 Queens Boulevard, should be ready for sales in September. Then construction is expected to wrap in October; the developer hopes to start moving people in this year. While the developer originally planned 100 one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, ranging from 800 to 1,200 square feet, there will now be three bedrooms available, too. Due to lots of demand from prospective buyers, the 97-unit building will hold around six three-bedroom condos. There’s no word on pricing yet.

The development will also have its own gym and rooftop garden. A CVS pharmacy will open on the ground floor in August.

Forest Hills Luxury Condo Building Adds 3-Bedroom Units [DNAinfo]
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Forest Hills development The Aston, on Queens Boulevard between Continental Avenue and 71st Road, is rising quickly. This tower will reach 16 stories and come with a very glassy facade. (Morali Architects previously described the design as “The Great Gatsby comes to Queens again in a modern version.”) At the end of the day, this tower will hold 100 one- and two-bedroom condo units, priced between $600,000 and $750,000. A CVS pharmacy will lease the ground floor retail space, and a garden will go up on the rooftop. Construction started over the summer and it should finish by June of 2014.

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