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Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York took a visit to 5Pointz, where the demolition of the rear section is now complete. Work began on that portion this August. The actual warehouse, which is of course whitewashed, looks totally gutted but it’s still standing. Developer Jerry Wolkoff said that he expects the whole complex to be demolished by this month. He previously stated, “Once demolition starts we will continue all the way through to 2016… until the job is complete.” The warehouse will be replaced by two 47- and 41-story towers, with a total of 1,000 apartment units.

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We’ve got word that demolition started today at the 5Pointz graffiti warehouse. This would make sense, as demolition was expected to begin any day now. No pictures yet, but we’ll update this post as anything comes in. And if you’re in the area, feel free to send news and photos to emily@brownstoner.com. UPDATE: Here’s a report from Animal New York: “This morning, a backhoe began tearing into the building that has served as a legal playground for aerosol artists for nearly two decades.” UPDATE #2: This is from Twitter: “todays work involves excavator on outer structure #5Pointz + protecting perimeter, according to construction worker.” Here’s a video of the work. And check out more photos after the jump.

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Photo by Jackie Strawbridge via Twitter for Queens Tribune



The Daily News got its hands on some new 5Pointz renderings — here’s the first batch, detailing the facade of the new 1,100-unit development. In response to the loss of a great graffiti mecca, developers Jerry and David Wolkoff are trying to incorporate artwork into the new, two-towered residential building. There will be a 40-by-80-foot edifice above the development’s garage that can be spray-painted, paintable walls wrapping around the gigantic outdoor courtyard, and open wall space on Davis Street. The building will also hold 20 artist studios.

We’ll see if any of the 5Pointz artists have any interest in returning to the building — our guess is that they won’t. Demolition of the warehouse will begin in about two weeks and construction should begin in two to three months. See one more rendering after the jump.

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New York YIMBY posted new and improved renderings of the residential build to replace the 5Pointz graffiti warehouse. The developers filed building permits with the DOB earlier this month.

The facade of the towers will be made with a beige stone. There are glassy corners along Crane Street, as well as glass penthouse units on top of the building. According to YIMBY, “The north tower will have taller, loft-style windows, while the south tower’s windows will be smaller and more traditionally framed. The north tower will also have a glassier base, fronting Crane Street and Jackson Avenue, with retail space within. On the other hand, the podium of the south tower will hold the entire project’s amenity space.” There will be around 1,116 units, 20 percent of which will be priced affordably. The affordable units will be spread throughout both towers.

Demolition of the graffiti warehouse should begin any week now. Construction on the new development is expected within the next three to five months. You can see two more renderings of the coming build after the jump. (more…)


The construction of two glassy towers to replace the infamous 5Pointz graffiti warehouse is officially in motion. New York YIMBY reported that architect H. Thomas O’Hara filed building permits with the DOB yesterday morning. The filings really show how massive this development will be: 977,086 square feet of residential space and 39,765 square feet of commercial space, making 1,016,851 square feet total. There will also be a 32,099-square-foot plaza and a 262-car public parking garage. The two towers will hold 1,116 units, and roughly 20 percent will be priced affordably.

Demolition of the graffiti warehouse should begin in a few weeks; it’s expected to be gone by October. Site work for the new building should begin in three to five months, and eventually Long Island City will have one more development that looks just like every other new build in New York.

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Last week, a Q’Stoner tipster spotted dumpsters out at 5Pointz — a sign of demolition to come. Today, LIC Post reports that the iconic graffiti warehouse will be gone by October. Owner/developer Jerry Wolkoff stated that demolition will begin in earnest in about two weeks and will continue for about two to three months. He told LIC Post, “Once demolition starts we will continue all the way through to 2016… until the job is complete.” The warehouse will be replaced by two 47- and 41-story towers, with a total of 1,000 apartment units.

Demolition comes nine months after the Wolkoffs secured City Council approval for the new buildings, and eight months after whitewashing the warehouse. The demo job was supposed to take place in early 2014, but Wolkoff said it took longer than expected to secure permits. He predicts the shiny development to replace 5Pointz will be the “coolest [residential] building in New York.”

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On Friday, a Q’Stoner tipster wrote in to report the progress of the 5Pointz demolition. Work began in March but has moved slowly ever since. Here’s what our tipster says:

As I was taking the 7 into the city this morning, I noticed large dumpsters in the 5pointz courtyard and in the adjacent parking lot. Parked cars in the lot were also moved away from the building. It seems the demo process is beginning.

There’s another photograph of the dumpsters being used for demolition after the jump. Demolition was expected to begin late last year or early 2014, and the reason for the holdup is unclear. Once the graffiti warehouse is down it’ll be replaced by two condo towers.

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Brooklyn Street Art posted an excellent photo essay featuring closeup shots of the 5Pointz building, where chipped paint reveals the layers of colorful graffiti work once there. (The top coat, of course, is now all white.) The images are accompanied by a tribute to the artwork now covered up:

So the murals on the surface are gone but in reality they are not – they are here in front of us, just covered by layers of paint. If you want to, you may see it as evidence of the tribute to collaborative public space that 5 Pointz embodied – the affirmation of a multi-membered community united in all it’s multi-colored splendor. Here is your visual forensic report: before you is a brief sampling of the thousands of hours of sweat, labor, inspiration – and thousands of gallons of paint, vividly represented, richly textured, and unquestioned proof of the success of 5 Pointz.

The warehouse building is now waiting for demolition (although some preliminary demo work started earlier this year) and will be replaced by condos.

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Photo by Jaime Rojo for Brooklyn Street Art

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 11.05.09 AM

Google just launched the Google Street Art Project, which preserves images of more than 4,000 street art and graffiti works from around the world. The page dedicated to 5Pointz shares a detailed history of the building, profiles many of the artists who worked there, and talks about its demise. Most importantly, there are tons of amazing images of the graffiti work that once graced the building. Now, of course, it looks like this.

03/25/14 4:00pm


Today LTV Squad shared its adventure through 5Pointz, which, as you may have heard, is slated for demolition soon. LTV Squad took advantage of this prime window of time when one can get in or be given access by workers between abandonment of a building and demolition. They managed to shoot tons of interior photos. Here’s what they found inside the fabled graffiti mecca:

What we found inside was a maze of hallways and partitions, sections with solid concrete flooring and older sections with decaying wood and stairs of questionable stability. One must understand – 5ptz isn’t just one building – it’s a series of interconnected structures that together formed one large complex (like Voltron, or something). Some parts were in better condition than others.

The various parts of the building became known to us by the businesses that inhabited them. There was the sweat shop in the basement and first floor – full of boxes of fabric and a rack of cheap ladies clothing. Up towards Jackson avenue was the DVD shop – an large space filled with piles of DVDs and computer drives for replicating them. There was the Jackson Roof and the Big Roof high above the center of the complex. Then there’s the apartments. Immediately next to 5 ptz sits a series of 4 storefront buildings with apartments above them. These buildings, while not a part of 5ptz, are also abandoned and slated for demolition ( they are all empty except for the one above the former Shannon Pot bar, where an angry squatter is living and acting hostile towards anyone that enters – workers included).

The entire complex was big enough that 10 people could be exploring in teams of 2 and not run into each other for hours. If one were to listen in on our burn phone calls, you’d think we were speaking in code. Where are you? “Jackson Roof”. “The Record Room”. “3rd floor apartment over the space womb”. We spent hours here. Over a span of 2 days and nights we meticulously combed every inch of 5ptz. To the left are the photos from this adventure.

It’s worth checking out the full article for the entire story and all the awesome photos taken.

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