We’ve talked about No Longer Empty’s installation, How Much Do I Owe You? before, and we’re delighted to tell you that the opening is tonight! This is No Longer Empty’s 14th site-specific exhibition, taking place on the first floor, basement (vault), and mezzanine of LIC’s Bank of Manhattan Building. We attended a preview on Monday and wanted to share with you want we saw; hopefully this will whet your appetite to check out this amazing exhibition/installation.


Ghost of a Dream – In Banks We Trust. Hundreds of bank slogans are handwritten on the walls here in this area below the stairs that go up to the mezzanine. Below is one detail that caught our eye, with the slogan “Dare to Dream.” You can also make out “a true liberator,” too.


Detail of Ghost of a Dream – In Banks We Trust – “Dare to Dream”