12/06/12 2:00pm


Image source: Google Maps

Like it or not, every US citizen needs the Social Security Administration. The Queens Gazette reports that a new SSA office opened up recently in Dutch Kills at 31-10 37th Ave (GMAP) and will serve quite a large population, since it will incorporate SSA offices that were closed in Astoria, Long Island City and Jackson Heights. They have signed a lease to occupy close to 11,000-square-feet on the ground floor of this building, the Alma Corporate Headquarters.


08/20/12 10:30am

Today, we thought we’d look at green buildings in Long Island City. One of the most trusted indicators of environmentally sustainable building is LEED certification. This means that a building’s design and construction meets a certain set of standards, especially the levels of energy efficiency, use of renewable materials, and encouraging green lifestyle choices for inhabitants.

One notable example of efforts to make a building green is the Brewster Building (GMAP), home to JetBlue’s new corporate headquarters along Queens Plaza. This historic building earned a LEED Silver rating in 2008 for its renovation, and JetBlue added several more green features when it moved in, like furniture made from recycled materials and complimentary daily bike storage for workers. (more…)