12/12/12 2:00pm


Image source: Metrofocus – Barbara Torborg

Metrofocus from WNET 13 published an interesting article about the Broad Channel Historical Society and how it was affected by Hurricane Sandy, and how it’s repairing the historical documents that were damaged during the storm. In short – many things were damaged but they in the process of being repaired.

One of the celebrations they do every couple of years in this island community is to celebrate Historical Day – in 2012 it happened on Sunday, October 28 – one day before Hurricane Sandy hit. During that event – held at the VFW Hall – they sold copies of the 2013 Historical Calendar – according to Metrofocus, “the October calendar image is unintentionally prescient: a rowboat delivering mail in 1947 after flooding.”

The next day, all the homes on Broad Channel were affected by Sandy – lots of flooding, boats and such strewn about.