10/31/12 10:00am


Image source: MTA

We noticed that the buses are running, and heard on the radio that traffic is backed up on the BQE (yes, we are heading back to normalcy with that one). How are you getting around? Are you trying to get to work today? Or just around town? Leave us a comment here or via twitter at @queensnycity.

10/30/12 3:29pm

The Sunnyside Gardens area of Sunnyside is known for the large, beautiful trees that line its streets. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy found many of these trees last night and they were ripped out at the roots, wreaking havoc on cars, sidewalks, and yards. Most homeowners got lucky, though, and did not see any damage from the fallen trunks and branches.

On 47th Street, two huge trees and a lamppost lay across the road.


Between 47th and 48th Streets, a tree went down in someone’s backyard, and yanked the square edge of the yard up with it.  (more…)

06/25/12 5:00pm

Most people imagine Vin Diesel racing fast cars on hot Los Angeles streets when they think about muscle cars, but Queens has a long history of street racing on par with SoCal. There have been several big police crackdowns in neighborhoods like Maspeth, where cars regularly race down Maurice Ave. But street racing is just the illegal side of Queens’ fierce car culture. People like Mike Musto in Astoria are passionate about the cars themselves.

Mike is a longtime pro-touring car aficionado from Astoria, and recently returned to his hometown to host a 2-part series called The Cars of Queens for his show BIG MUSCLE on The DRIVE network, a YouTube channel. “For me,” he says, “this is where the whole muscle car thing started. Back amongst the cracked concrete, barbed wire, graffiti, and padlocked garages were some of the baddest muscle cars you were ever likely to see. This is home. This is where these cars were built. This is where they were on the street on a daily basis.”

Whether you’re all about autos or not, these “bad-ass” videos are worth viewing.



“Just because you live in an urban environment,” explains Mike, “doesn’t mean you can’t build, use, and enjoy your dream car.”



Video source: The DRIVE Network