Image Source: The Chocolate Factory Theater

Though it is dying out in the modern age, the custom of telling the bees when their keeper died was once very common. It was believed that a conversation would keep the highly respected bees from absconding or even dying and encourage their affiliation with the new keeper. On March 13, The Chocolate Factory Theater opens a four-day run of Telling The Bees, a dance performance by British-born choreographer Keely Garfield. Recently nominated for a New York Dance and Performance Award Bessie, Garfield forages links between the waggle-and-round dances of the honeybees in this piece, highlighting their timeless industrious, cooperative societies, the sweet results of their toil and the sting of breakdown in our own organizing principles.

Keely Garfield Dance: Telling The Bees
The Chocolate Factory Theater
5-49 49th Avenue, LIC
Wednesday, March 13, until Saturday, March 16
8pm – 10pm | $15

Image source: Sarah Maxfield

On Election Day, vote with your feet by heading to Long Island City for THROW, a performance-development series at The Chocolate Factory Theater. Curated and moderated by Sarah Maxfield, this installment will feature works-in-progress by Hadar Ahuvia, Tyler Ashley and Christina Masciotti.

Each artist will present 10-20 minutes of material without tech support and then ask the audience three targeted questions about what they just experienced. The answers will help the artists tweak their work.

Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012
The Chocolate Factory Theater
7 pm | FREE!

Welcome to the second installment of our three-part series, LIC for Brooklynites! The first part was about where to eat, and now we’re moving on to what to do. Here is our list of worthwhile things to do in LIC, from museums, to parks, to recreation.

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Art and Museums




Image source: Jules Antonio on Flickr

This 19th century schoolhouse holds some of the most current art available in NYC; it is one of the oldest (and largest) nonprofit contemporary art institutions in the US, founded in 1971. Various kinds of new and experimental art in all media are displayed throughout the space, and MOMA PS1 considers itself more of an exhibition space, rather than a “collecting institution.” As indicated by its name, PS1 is affiliated with the Museum of Modern Art.

Each summer, PS1 launches their weekly “Warm Up,” a music (often DJs) and dance extravaganza held in the courtyard of the museum, surrounded by the winner of the “Young Architects Program,” usually in the form of a large scale art piece that consumes the place. Inside is the newly opened M. Wells Dinette, the creation of Sarah Obraitis and Hugue Dufour of M. Wells Diner fame, and probably the best place in the borough for sous vide prepared food and other culinary delights.

MOMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Ave., Long Island City, NY 11101; (718) 784-2084; (GMAP)
Hours: 12-6pm, Thursday through Monday (Closed Tuesday and Wednesday)
Admission: $10 adults; $5 students and senior citizens; free for MoMA members, MoMA Corporate Members, MoMA admission ticket holders, Long Island City Residents, NYC public school students, Members of the Press, and other Museum Staff with valid ID.