02/21/13 11:00am

Chopsticks + Marrow, written by Joe DiStefano, covers food both inside and outside of Queens. He’ll be joining us here on QueensNYC each Thursday.


At first glance it looks like most any other dosa

Dosai, the gigantic South Indian rice and lentil crêpes take many forms. Lacy crisp paper dosai flavored with little more than ghee are great for dipping into spicy vegetable-loaded samber broth. Their more substantial cousins are filled with potato and other veggies. And for spice freaks like me there are fiery varieties with chili worked right into the batter. Some even resemble flapjacks. Until I paid a visit to Dosa Delight, though I never encountered a dessert dosa.


02/15/13 10:00am


Image source: Aka on Wikimedia Commons – some people give up chocolate during Lent

We are a few days into Lent (western Church), and we were wondering if you were giving up anything for Lent – believe it or not, we even know folks that aren’t necessarily observers that like to take this time to make changes in their lives. Some people are giving up actual stuff – chocolate, or meat, or alcohol. Some give up behaviors, like worrying, criticism, or being too serious. So tell us – what are you giving up (if anything)? Leave us a comment here or via twitter at @queensnycity.

11/29/12 10:00am


Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Now that the holiday season really is upon up, for many it’s time to whip up cookies and then some. For some people, gingerbread is the flavor of the season. For others, it’s lemon or citrus, and for some it’s chocolate. The flavors of mulled wine are also a favorite. And did you know that you can actually make actual sugarplums (beyond them dancing in your head)? Don’t forget the peppermint, either. So what is your favorite holiday flavor? Let us know in the comments or via twitter at @queensnycity!

10/30/12 12:00pm


So much is special about Aigner Chocolates, that it’s hard to know where to begin, but here’s a start – the uncommonly broad selection of very fresh, very high-quality chocolates.

Aigner is one of only a handful of chocolatiers around New York City making candy on site using traditional, artisanal methods. Originating from the province of Carinthia in Austria, three generations of Aigners have built this legacy, working under the names of Martha’s Candy Kitchen in Ridgewood and Krause’s in Forest Hills, and finally putting their own, well-earned imprint on decades of expertise. (more…)